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So, what's your spring?:)

Well, when it springs - you'll know...:faint:
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When my :beer: turns green.
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March, April, May.
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I live in the Tropics, so...
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September, November, December.
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When I'm in love.:love:
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Topic: What's your spring? :)  (Read 21613 times)

Re: What's your spring? :)

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Brian, I don't answer to non-language comments, sometimes even don't read them.
Mandi, good morning! I'm glad we've come to terms.

Douche bag. I'm done with ya.

Re: What's your spring? :)

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I don't know their name, today walking out, I saw a not so vast mat nicely dotted with those blueish-violet bell-like shortgrowing beauties. I came up and bowed, then there I met a humble-bumble doing its important job:)
Quote from: The Humble-Bumble

Re: What's your spring? :)

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The other day I presumably heard a nightingale singing out of my window; and yesterday (or maybe today morning?) I heard maybe a similar guy, or some other bird singing. It tweeted like this: :whistle:. What do you think it was?:)

Re: What's your spring? :)

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Rainy and cool all day. Snow reported in the Northwest suburbs this morning.

Right now, raining and 40F. Sump-pump running about every fifteen minutes or so.
Is it usual for your place in May?
Here, it looked like starting summer earlier this week, the next one even a heat wave expected. I don't think it's like usual, but anyway, the week after that there's a drop expected, and the first days of June are forecast to be moderate. Rains are also expected - but judging by a recent oops in such a rainy 'promise', nobody knows...:left: