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Putin announced mobilisation. Given that in his mind he is really at war with Nato, hands up who opposes a Nato counter-mobilisation.

Edit. Putin's executive order is here

It consists of ten numbered sections. The 7th section literally only says "for official use". Any guesses what the actual content there could be?

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Germany discovered that, alongside Nazi nostalgisers, they have folks called Reichsbürger who were planning a coup and had infiltrated deep enough into state structures so that the matter demanded some attention. According to wider reporting, the raid involved collaboration from Austrian and Italian authorities too.

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Speaking of these German burgers, far-right groups used to have wild plans to get into power.

Now they seem more intent on cutting power instead.

Fears of Extremist Campaign After Attack on US Power Station

Vandalism at four power stations in the western U.S. state of Washington over the weekend added to concerns of a possible nationwide campaign by right-wing extremists to stir fears and spark civil conflict.

Local police on Tuesday gave no information on who they suspected was behind the vandalism, which knocked out power on Christmas Day for about 14,000 customers in Tacoma, a port city area south of Seattle.

Tacoma Public Utilities, which owned two of the facilities targeted on Sunday, said in a statement that it was alerted by federal law enforcement in early December about threats to their grid.

Odd, though. The closer groups are to Putin, the more keen they are on energy warfare.