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Do you see the forum looking good now?

Close to 100%.
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Some very minor roughnesses...
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There happen slight inconsistencies in some browsers/modes.
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Mild/occasional inconsistencies..
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Feels like not very tidy...
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Topic: General Looks & Appearances feedback (Read 3084 times)

General Looks & Appearances feedback

The beginning of this topic is here. The poll there went wild, so I decided to renovate the feedback this way...
The discussion (feedback) here won't be about "how it works" but rather about "how it looks" — e.g. do you feel comfy with the appearance of certain pages or not? And why?

Note about poll to Frans: I've already mentioned - and even sent you screenshots - that after entyping a rather long line in (eg) an option box (field) (like it's the case here now) the poll creating tools/settings get warped on the page. Now I was forced to reduce my browser zoom - nah, not to default - much smaller - to get the options (the creating ones) back.
About the poll. The voters can change their vote (for now); and the visibility has been set "to anyone" (for a record etc.).
NB2. While previewing, the "line glitch" doesn't seem to itch when I upped the zoom back to 110%.

Re: General Looks & Appearances feedback

Reply #1
Frans, would you mind thinking about the canvas of the site's pages? The problem is - no matter how I have sex with the zoom or "fit to width", that pale blue frame is stuck to about half an inch sideways. Myself personally would like it to reduce or vanish altogether so that it won't trim the meaningful area which I'm trying to zoom&fit, please. It sorta bothers me.

Re: General Looks & Appearances feedback

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Checking Firefox, all that stuff which is rounded ("swell" buttons, quote borders) appears rectangular in Firefox. Or it just may be about my old version, I don't know.
In the two other browsers I use those are rounded (maybe with slightly different roundedness, but I'm not sure).
Yup, and the main frame border is unrounded here...