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Re: General Unix/Linux Thread

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Resident technology masters already knows it for sure but for the simple mortals, you can speed up your already much-more-faster-than-Windows operative system.

An example -> four-ways-to-speed-up-ubuntu
A matter of attitude.

Re: General Unix/Linux Thread

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The best YT alternative has gained a decent website. How does our embedding work?


Re: General Unix/Linux Thread

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It's the best alternative because it is the only alternative I know of in terms of content. I can go over there to get (most of) what I want on YT. There's also Bitchute, but the average uploader there is about as bad for mental health as Conservapedia.

Do you know of anything better?

And from what I have heard from content creators who have made the move, they can import their YT content over to Odysee with hardly any glitches.

I don't know much more. I am not a content creator and I never log in to YT. I keep it at arm's length with ytdl, which works in those other sites too.

Re: General Unix/Linux Thread

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No, I don't know anything better.

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Microsoft released a Linux distro, apparently primarily to set up cloud services. Remember to not use it.