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Topic: Grammatical Mutterings (Read 47790 times)

Re: Grammatical Mutterings

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Now, what could you possibly mean here by "indoctrination"?
The simple (and simplistic), pervasive and perverse anti-Americanism you evidence consistently, ersi.
Okay, so your mind had wandered completely off topic again, to things not under discussion at all. No cure for that, I suppose.

An employer who would tolerate let alone accept such logorrhea obviously has money to burn!
When it is on topic and within agreed time limits, it is not logorrhea. But yes, the employer has money to burn. Lots of it. It's a bank.

Meanwhile, have you found reporting in America (as opposed to punditry)? I did :)
(On the national level, I mean, because on the local level it is quite easy to find.)