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Why are the fonts so large?
I believe that users should be able to choose their default font size, and browsers universally choose a default of 16px. In case you don't want to change your user preferred font size because other sites disrespect it, there's a setting available in the looks and appearances area of the profile.

Why don't you have a better quick quote?
It'll take some time; please be patient.

Is there a manual?
Why yes, there is. View it here.

I came from My Opera. What are the differences?
There are fewer differences than on a vanilla Simple Machines installation. The first post is displayed on every page of a forum thread, but this can be disabled in your profile. My Bookmarks is the equivalent to My Opera's subscription manager, but e-mails use a separate mechanism. So if you want to keep track of a particular thread without receiving e-mails, click Add Bookmark. If you want to receive e-mails about updates to a particular thread, click Notify.

I forgot, what are the rules?
There's a link to the T&C in the navigation bar on top.