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Topic: Internet Archive Software Emulation (Read 3646 times)

Internet Archive Software Emulation

Two hours ago, the Internet Archive opened up its first MS-DOS straight-in-browser emulation. For example, you can now check out Castles that way. I used to play Arcade Volleyball with my friends.

Don't forget, this is on top of the already extant JSMESS emulation of over 600 systems. An example of that is Wordstar. I hope Microsoft Works 2.0 will come to the MS-DOS emulation, because I'm just not sure if I've got the actual program anymore myself, and if I do it's on a possibly deteriorating floppy disk.

Re: Internet Archive Software Emulation

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This seems interesting for my nostalgia and my son's trouble with the DOSbox prompt.

Re: Internet Archive Software Emulation

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Much better. My son didn't appreciate the other site (lol). Surely this will be more to his liking.

Thx :)