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Topic: Is there a Black psychology problem…? (Read 29063 times)

Re: Is there a Black psychology problem…?

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You don't remember that you brought Epstein up yesterday? Add a note about deficient memory in your little notebook so you can remind yourself every day.
:sigh: I'd thought you'd take the point of Rep. Plaskett attacking Robert Kennedy, Jr. via guilt by association then being herself attacked, in the same manner.
One could simply let it go as typical hypocrisy. But since it was you who revived this old thread I'd thought you wanted to continue the topic...
But it turned out, you merely missed our arguments! :)

The shift to Guilt by Association can be made to fit:

One of the prominent points made against Kennedy is that he -by mentioning the results of a certain National Institutes of Health-funded study, was that he was an antisemite; because the study concluded that blacks and Caucasians were most affected by Covid-19, and Chinese and Ashkenazi Jews the least, QED.[1]

I, myself, don't fault Plaskett for seeking and accepting political donations from Epstein. (Many Democrats did... Going back at least as far as Bill Clinton's Presidency.) And I certainly wouldn't have expected her to appreciate either irony or hypocrisy — not since I've heard her speak, and try to read her own words! (Of course, you can quibble: She probably didn't write the statement she read into the record. :) I fault her for her perfidy: She both swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution and to follow the rules of the House.

Was that due to an allegiance to a higher purpose? (I.e., Democratic Party talking points? Black Consciousness, suitably raised?) Or was it merely the result of racial characteristics over which she has no control?
I'd argue it was allegiance.

Or maybe she has just been hanging out with the wrong sort of people... :)

(Feel free to go back to, say, this controversy. :)
It was also suggested that Kennedy's "dangerous" racist charge endangered Americans of Chinese descent. (Failing, of course, to mention that almost all incidents of such assaults were perpetrated by blacks! But that's -as they say- "another story". :)
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