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xkcd fanclub

I've been reading that comic since '06, and a shared fandom certainly helped to cement my relationship with my wife. For instance, while we were still dating I gifted her a no raptors shirt and she gave me the "Science. It works, bitches" shirt.

The amount of awesome stuff that guy makes boggles the mind. His what if? blog earned a solid place among my feeds. I highly recommend especially the posts on draining the oceans. I also love how he references stuff later.

Do you have any favorite xkcd comics? Please share them here!

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I, too, like the strip. But I've only just noticed that "DnD" is often used to refer to "Drag and Drop"… (see here) Had I merely forgotten?
Was it a Freudian Slip?

I'll attempt a xkcd-type cartoon, when I wake up; if I'm sober. :)
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Don't forget Face Business Objects OK.

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These are new to me. I love this one, particularly at the center where it says "touch tongue here."

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That led me to another cartoonist, Farley Katz, who once had a "cartoon off" with Munroe,and this...