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Topic: did Otter lost ? (Read 1700 times)

did Otter lost ?

seriously looking at Falkon (ex QupZilla), which is also running QtWeb
Falkon is miles infront of Otter

it supports AdBlock plugin
it supports GreaseMonkey scripts (for crying out loud this is fantastic)
and even Youtube works without bugs

Otter on the other hand... nothing of above...

Re: did Otter lost ?

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Hm, I don't think I have any issues with YT?

Re: did Otter lost ?

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you should try Otter seriously

there an inner addbloquer, fully free of any external app

and idem for grease monkey, the tampermonkey function are available with userscript... really easilly

look at the forum to update yourself about Otter...

for me the last version that i tried to use of falkon... well... i'm on Otter now


Re: did Otter lost ?

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All true, Quetzal. With some investigation the user will see that Otter has it all, an industry-standard rendering engine, configurable interface via JSON files, the usual extensions, including adblock and userscripts. It just takes some investigation and is not immediately obvious on the surface.

Also, one of the aims of Otter was that it would run on Win XP, but I am not sure how well this holds up these days. Win XP is increasingly hard to support for modern web browsers. Other than a gaming platform, why would people keep using Win XP with an internet connection anyway? I can understand why have it around and run it occasionally, but why expect to be able to browse FB and YT comfily on Win XP?

My own hope for Otter was that it would provide the same enlightening tinkering experience as old Opera. However, old Opera was configured with INI files. JSON is too different from INI so the experience is not the same. I'm not a programmer so I am very picky about the coding language I am willing to give a go to.