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Topic: sessions  (Read 552 times)


hi all,hope you're well

i do use more and more "sessions"
i would be happy, to not to pass by the submenu of the submenu of the menu

i looked in appdata and C://program file(x86)/otter... but no référence to this little panel (gestion of session)

a shortcut maybe,
and, if possible, and addon to lock into the mini-bar of the right-panel...
- to have a quick view of the available sessions, and their contenu...

an idea to do this ?

thanks a lot

Re: sessions

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Interesting idea. I hope @Emdek still has enough time. :)

Re: sessions

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In Otter, you can add a "Manage sessions..." button to any toolbar with a right click.

Wasn't Sessions panel a recurring request in Opera forums? I think it would be a natural addition indeed.

Anyway, in old Opera it was possible to make the list of sessions into a button or keybind, which was good enough to satisfy immediate practical purposes. Probably the same is possible in Otter, but requires sorting out the relevant JSON file.

In Tools / Preferences / Advanced there used to be a GUI widget to configure the keybinds. Right now in fresh default Otter I only see the mouse configuration there.

Re: sessions

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you're not wrong Emdek, as ever... and i've finally found it (after month of true desepair.. as ever it was under the hand, at three or four click far away... in the deep forest of options of the browser ;)

but, but... for the moment i havent found specific icon... or the way to add icon of that kind to these element of the adress bar, or other menu (as it's possible to do for searchengine, to search & add icon)

and this "button" letter is still in the adressbar, where a new left panel, should be just "under the hand" to deal with many "session"

thank a lot for your reading