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Topic: Scale Modelling (Read 350 times)

Scale Modelling

I don't know why but I decided to try scale models as a hobby to distract me.
So, this will be my first attempt to build a 1/72 airplane model, I'll let you see the results once it is concluded.

I thought that smaller scales woul be easier but the moment I started looking inside the box Iḿ already regreting, this scale is too much small, iI think 1/48 would be easier.

Anyway, this is the one i'm building, it's a Polish aircraft with it's first flight at 1933.
I will use hand brushes, not airbrushing.

Advices are very wellcome, I'm sure we have amongst us a lot of specialists. :)
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Re: Scale Modelling

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I've not done any model building since I was a teenager, a very, very long time ago.  ;)

Used to enjoy it and spent many a happy hour constructing them, then painting them to try and make them look realistic. Mostly plastic model kits, but I did build one balsa wood model aircraft and that took me a long time, lot's of cutting parts for the frame. Doubt I could do it nowadays, you need good eyesight and a steady hand.

Only piece of advice I would give is take your time and don't rush it. Enjoy your new hobby.
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