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Topic: Weekly 400 (Read 1511 times)

Weekly 400

Thanks for the new build, and it's now reporting the right version so no more spurious update nags!
All working fine, keep up the good work.
Thanks, Dave.

Re: Weekly 400

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yep, i've seen that too... but it's only files, for windows.exe lover that i am ?

some could explain me how to update my #380 with the new #400 ??

instead of this little difficulties... hope you're well...

Re: Weekly 400

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I'm still on Windows XP, so when I update I extract the files from the zip file of the XP version, and then just move them all across to my Otter folder, overwriting as necessary.
That's always woked for me.

Re: Weekly 400

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yep, i went back to to try to download the #400, because it become to be more en more difficult to pass capchas all over the net

and i seen that this #400 was for XP user only...

then i will wait, wait and wait... godo may comes soon, hope not with santa claus, it'll be a few late

good surf DaveH ;)