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Topic: content blocking (Read 862 times)

content blocking

hi all,
then its my config or its normal, but i can't record any change of content bloking,
- i must reboot(my pc)  and reinstall #300 (we're on #380) to be abble to check new value in the new "content blocking" device.
- in fact this is the same(here) since the new "content blonking" since #320 or #340
- many new nice options, but the button save do not record anything, or remove everything...

then its my config, or it could have a unespected bug somewhere...
(and yes i'm angry... sorry...
- but this the third time this week that i have to do it (rebbot, reinstall, change, reinstall#380) because #300 get wrong now  for browsing

then its me or ...
win10 pro, intel i5

Re: content blocking

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Ouch, that sounds annoying. :(

Re: content blocking

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it's because it's like this since the new content blocking tool/device
usally, i deal with user files when something goes wrong... but here no user files... then

but as you say, annoying :(

Re: content blocking

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heyheyhey, finally i went dowload the 1.0.02 that can replace #300... and i don't have to "reboot" to modifiy the content blocking
- but still, #380 (that i use) who got a "more complete" content blocking device do not record anything here.
- then, passing by 1.0.02 do the work... and no reboot to do it... it's byzance ;)... just enough for my use...

thanks a lot