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Topic: Selected Download Folder Not Writable? (Read 829 times)

Selected Download Folder Not Writable?

In addition to the Otter version problem I now have (see the "Otter and Windows XP" thread) I've now found that when I try to download an update to my XP "Documents and Settings" folder, which is mapped to "E:\Dump Folder" on my archive drive, I get a message saying that "the folder is not writable, choose another". If I hit cancel Otter immediately crashes.
There is nothing wrong with the folder I'm trying to save the download to, I write to it all the time with loads of programs!
I can save to a subfolder within that folder, but not to the folder itself.
Any idea why this might be happening?
Thanks, Dave.

Re: Selected Download Folder Not Writable?

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Wow, that's pretty weird. I'm afraid I can't think of anything.

Re: Selected Download Folder Not Writable?

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Thanks Frenzie, let's hope @Emdek can suggest a reason.
I'm sure this is something new, I'm pretty sure I've saved to that folder before in the past without any issues, but that might have been before I made it the XP Documents and Setting user folder. Normally I would suspect a permissions issue, but surely that shouldn't happen with XP, it's not even an NTFS formatted folder, it's FAT32!