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Topic: load page in cache ? (Read 1650 times)

load page in cache ?

hi, all
an other problem, another question... how to load with javascript a webpage, cached in the cache of otterBro

or , what kind of adress to write in the adress bar to load a page from the cache ?

about:cache gives acces to all the cached page... but how load it from there with an URL ??

thank a lot

PS: #380 works fine there
- the new contentblocking added with #320 now works as it should
- the passwords deletion do works as it should...

- still some difficulties with HTML5 video/content...

Re: load page in cache ?

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The caching mechanism is automated. I'm not quite sure what you're asking for exactly?

Re: load page in cache ?

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well, i've got an heavy JS page, that i load instead of the start-page with the mozaik...
- i builted my own mozaik-page to be abble to have on this "strategic" page something like a js.widget (calendar/alert) and some other stuff in preparation... i load it from a little php.server on my localhost..

it's generaly quite enought speed to built the whole page from JS... everytime i open a new "start-page" (it redirect to my mozaik)
- but sometime it's a few slow to load... then, to load the page in cache when nothing have changed would be i do hope, quicker... nothing to calcul or built... just read and display

i've seen the adress "in cache" are just the same that the one i load... nothing particuliar...
 but i would like to know how to load it with something as "about:cache:http://localhost/xxx/xxx.html

do you know how to do this ?

Re: load page in cache ?

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I'm not sure if that can be done. But unless you're sending along some don't cache HTTP headers it will simply use the cached version. Do the dev tools show that's not happening? :/

Re: load page in cache ?

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well, i'm not sure to be abble to do that :/ 
i understand "http headers".. but i've got no use to play with, or to trick them (for the moment)...

 but thanks, i'm gonna have a look about it ;)