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Topic: no sound, no vido option ? (Read 1241 times)

no sound, no vido option ?

hi all,

a question, wich is not fancy at all with all the sub stuff embeded in many website...
- there is an option noscript... an option noimages ... but an option novideo and nosound on the addblocker of a website, possible or not?

thnaks a lot

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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I'm not aware of that otoh, no.

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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yep no aware... but... do you think that it may become possible...

or it's just me that must die every time i open some website with an automatic video that agress me in my beautifull silence...

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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At the very least the no sound thing (muted) seems like it should be possible.

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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yeees frenzie, i havn't get what you were meaning by "Muted" but its true, tabs can be "muted"

but, but, impossible to find the keybord shortcut anywhere ?? but i think that you know it...

thanks a lot

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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haaaa ! finaly i found the way, to had a keyboard shortcut to mute a tab
Code: [Select]
 "action": "MuteTabMedia",
 "shortcuts": [
this code to add to the shortcuts

but, whatever i used AHK to open a newTab with this muted media shortcut... no way to have a Newtab Muted (immediatly) it takes 3 secondes to it to muted (then the little jingles that i was wishibg to eradicate, ever sound "before" the tab goes muted... :hat:
hell, damnation, inferno, diabolicum, diabolicare...

then i'll wait that there a global option to open all tabs in muted mode... it's soon christmas no ? ;)

Re: no sound, no vido option ?

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finaly, i've suppress the AHK shortcut, because i used "0" for open a newtab,
- and because it's not possible to target a window more precisely,
- everytime i use OtterBro and i write somthing wich contains the "0" number... i got a newtab that open... not fun  :cry:

a way frenzie, to change this options by some other way ?