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Topic: 1.0.02 (2020.12.21) (Read 3567 times)

1.0.02 (2020.12.21)

Long time no see. ;-)
A (long time overdue) minor update for stable branch.

Changes since 1.0.01:
  • optimized handling of large images for Start Page backgrounds;
  • improved validation of content blocking profile checksum;
  • updated translations;
  • some other fixes.
Nadszedł już czas, najwyższy czas, nienawiść zniszczyć w sobie.
The time has come, the high time, to destroy hatred in oneself.

Re: 1.0.02 (2020.12.21)

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Hooray!  :headbang:  :cheers:  :hat:

Re: 1.0.02 (2020.12.21)

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..and  :psmurf: Merry Christmas!

Re: 1.0.02 (2020.12.21)

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and hapy new year all

i havn't pass there since few days, and i see that there is a new feature.. two in 15days...

excellent, but the net has really change in one year... many site are not accessible anymore with Otter (deezer, and some others)
but nothing compare the navigation with Otter, and chrome-forks are just web viewers than true web browsers...

i've got, instead of the web modification, two difficulties...
- every time i tried to install on win10pro a new feature, i need to reboot, caus the otter process do not really close... then the widget of installation ask me to closed otter, but it's not suffisant (may be some tweak of my machine are the problem...)

- and since #333 the "new content bloking" the do not remember any change... ??? then i must reinstall #300 do make it working again after any new update...

but instead of this... luckily otter is here...

thanks a lot

and happy new year