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I think it's time to accept that the Otter project, in spite of noble intentions, has missed its mark.

People, use Vivaldi browser, which is so much closer to the good Opera, without the bugs, crashes, non-playing movies/animations, and so on and so forth.

Vivaldi is what Otter was trying to be.

Thank you to the good and well intentioned people behind Otter. But the train has left the station.

I have no association with Vivaldi. I am merely a satisfied user wanting to enjoy the good times when Opera was still a thing.

Re: Vivaldi

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not exactly... vivaldi is nice, but just for the keybord shotcuts they"re dependant of chrome limitations..
and personaly i've change for ungoogled chromium one month ago... wich enough for all website and videos that do not work with otter...
Otter stay more "usable" than any chrome version for my daily surf... and stay closer to Opera in this functionnalities (the essential)

but it's true that the web seems to be more locked by the chromium world and google beside... otter allow to see this movement of this appropriation of the web by google... via its own web browser

Re: Vivaldi

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Vivaldi is what Otter was trying to be.
I don't think that's quite true, but it sounds like Vivaldi is what you want. ;)

Vivaldi is more or less what I expected when Opera announced they were doing away with Presto. Otter's closer to what I was hoping for.