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Topic: Money dumped in vast amounts for space? (Read 5517 times)

Re: Money dumped in vast amounts for space?

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Imagine preparing for all 344 and then it fails because of something dumb like log4j running on the release mechanism for some reason.

Re: Money dumped in vast amounts for space?

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According to NASA, China is starting a war in space.

“What do you think is happening on the Chinese space station?” Nelson said, referring to China’s Tiangong space station. “They learn there how to destroy other people’s satellites.”

The first pieces of the Tiangong space station were launched into orbit in April of last year, and the rest of the station remains under construction, with the next component section scheduled to launch on July 23, according to Space News.

Nelson is not the first U.S. official to warn of Chinese plans to develop weapons to destroy the satellites of other nations. In April, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) described various potential Chinese space-based weapons including the Shijian-17 satellite, which is equipped with a robotic arm the agency believes could be used to grab and damage other satellites.

China has claimed systems like the Shijian-17 satellite are to be used to help clean up space debris and denied the systems will be weaponized.