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Topic: new Content Blocking windows (Read 1366 times)

new Content Blocking windows

nice of fully bugged since its born ??

because, suddently after a modification all the publicities in a web page do have reappears as a linving dead lava flow

i do ask, is that normal, it was working, really nicely... is that do comes only for me on Win10-pro...

then i do warn,
- if you try to modify you're blocking parameters may you have the same problem...  :drunk:

and i must stay on #300 because... living dead and me... well, no fun..

Re: new Content Blocking windows

Reply #1
well, since youtube do not tolerate nomore #300 i've went back on #333

and nothing happened newabout contentbloking... if you change something, impossible to re-activate it... may because i've got personnal adress activated... why not

the solution, when publicities suddenly comeback from the darknet they were enjail for eternity, and tooks you're beautifull little otter for their new "playground"

then, close Otterbro, re-install #300... (simply with no particulair precaution)
- go on contentbloking, put the magic keys in the locker of the helldoor (save/close/reopen otter)
and reinstall #333 ... all is back except your last new friends wich been miserabily replace in limbo
- muhahahhahaha !! i'm a great hacker !!

hopes you'll find a solution for this little web Adam's familly

thank a lot, all