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Topic: Can't sign into Google any more? (Read 2060 times)

Can't sign into Google any more?

I just updated to weekly #333, and testing YouTube I now cannot use it.
I get a message to sign into Google, but when I try to do it I get a message saying -
"The browser that you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off.
To keep your Google Account secure, try signing in on a browser that has JavaScript turned on."
I've checked the Otter settings, and javascript is turned on!
Anyone any ideas?
Thanks, Dave.

Re: Can't sign into Google any more?

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well, i don't know for javascript, with #333
but, the disparition of the background svg of the start page appaers for me really surprising... and it's not foundable on the annexe on github... the file is not present... then it need to reinstall #300 and make a copy-screen of the svg to got this little blue background (i've got my use)

in another way, the content bloking panel, in full screen is insterresting, but the way to add personnal "adresses" to block is really less "intuitiv" than the one in #300

i will aggry with those who clame for an javascript update, there more and more website, that force me to leave otter for the chrome-world (but do it is only a javascript probleme ???)

thanks... give a chance to the old back ground and the little cute otter

thanks a lot..

i went back on #300 for the moment...

Re: Can't sign into Google any more?

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OK, changing the user agent string on the Google login page finally enabled me to sign in, and I then had to play around with different strings for YouTube as well. Unfirtunately, the only ones which actually work cause the annoying banner at the top saying my browser will soon be unsupported!
I have a good user agent string which I use on Firefox 52.9 ESR (I'm on Windows XP so can't use anything newer) and I would like to try that on Otter as well, but I can't see any obvious way of putting in a custom user agent string for a site. Is that really not possible?


Re: Can't sign into Google any more?

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hi DAveH

i was having the same problem
creat a file with .css somewhere in your pc
and had :

paper-dialog { display:none !important }
div#old-browser-alert { display:none !important }

try a ClicRightOnyouTube/preferences/user style sheet/
and had the file for youtube website

Re: Can't sign into Google any more?

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Brilliant, works perfectly, thank you so much!
 :hat:  :up:  :hat: