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Topic: and linux ?? (Read 1994 times)

and linux ??

hi, all and all
my little today problem ... no Otterbro package for Linux...  :doh:
and because i'm a three day user of a distro linux mint... the way to install Otter browser is a few "fancy"

then what to install, where to find it... and if you're nice "how"  :D

thanks a lot  ;)

Re: and linux ??

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I'm not sure how Mint works, but if they're supposed to build packages and suddenly it stopped, then it may be that it's not building correctly on Mint for some reason. You may want to contact the Mint package maintainer.

In the meantime, you can try building it yourself from source. That way you'll have a binary to work with... or you'll find out why it's failing and why there's no package. You can then report back upstream with a GitHub ticket.

Re: and linux ??

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Mint is Ubuntu. There is also a Mint Debian edition.

Years ago I moved to Manjaro and found Otter much easier to install from AUR (Arch User Repository).

It is also worth it to learn to git clone and build locally.

Re: and linux ??

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ll right, it's quite what have read here and there on the web...

i'm gonna try this install...  :sherlock:

Re: and linux ??

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Moreover, Otter browser is available in the official repos in Manjaro Linux. When you install the official package, you do not have to update it specifically, except when updating the distro. This is as simple as it can get.