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Topic: search engine disparition ?? (Read 1830 times)

search engine disparition ??

well, i was lloking for something unusual, but i was knowing that i did a search engine...
 but nothing happenned with the keyword in the adress bar

i went in my "Otter backup" if i could find it... and i found it... i decide to copy past it to the usuel seraengine folder

and surprise... the files was yet there... but inactive

i was having some supsicion about it... but nothing clear... now its clear

seeing that, it appears that the identity file "name" of these search engine is not "really obvious to read"
[mode santa klaus on] if it could have the same name than in Otter... could be very nice [/mode santa klaus off]

thanks a lot

Re: search engine disparition ??

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well, impossible to rename a file, without to make it disapear into Otter...
the problem upper may be come from this...
whatever i'd never tried to rename a file before...

may be during the precedant update ??

Re: search engine disparition ??

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What file name/location precisely? I probably don't know what you're talking about but I'm still curious. ;)

Re: search engine disparition ??

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there's a heap of files.txt there that contains the data of the websearchEngines...

i've got 52 files, then 52 search engines
but only 42 in the configuration panel in preferences/search

i never count before...
but i've got somes with qwant[1] qwant[2] in the files with some specifics websearch
-for website that havn't got inner search fields

Re: search engine disparition ??

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do i have, warn for a wolf à few quickly... may be

then, after to have cleaned all my search engine, there were many old one wich where there for nothing or in double

everything seems to works, and i found the way to do a new search engine, with the good "web adress" in the Otter appda
whatever, Otter do not do "by itself new search engines" (which is close to be deep inferno)

then everything works, and i found the little option that allow to had "little custom icon" to these home-made search engines

thanks a lot...