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Topic: problem with a webmail (Read 1788 times)

problem with a webmail

hi all,

boring problem, with the update of my usual webmail (french)

i can read my mail, but i can't write or answer message
this part of the code is not loaded (an <iframe>) certainly because its an ajax upload
i've try stuff with javascript... but it can't get the document.getElementsbyTagName("iframe") its length give 0

it works with vivaldi, but no more with Otterbro...
it's not a problem with adblocker or personnal rules
if some got some ideas... as ever
thanks a lot

Re: problem with a webmail

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ït seems the actual problem might be somwhere else, possibly in the content of the iframe itself.(?)

iframes as tags seem to ba handled correctly, if I try
(the ...By... part of the method name is capitalised )
in the scripting console in Otter, for a page containing iframes, e.g.:

these elements are listed as expected.
(Otter 1.0.81 weekly 300; Win)


Re: problem with a webmail

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yep vbr, i was sure of it... only this website, and its "update" has changed the way to acceed to the webmailer

if i look well, when i use an alert javascript, it seems that there is a twice call to the page that killed my "alert();"
it do work, but before the page is "fully loaded" then no way for me for the moment to have the possibility to catch anything in this html'page

for what i see in the Otter dragon'fly is that the iframe do not load the "<head> datas and the <body> data"
i've catch it in another browser(chromium'cloned)... but no way to inject'n'replace the whole innerHTML of the <Iframe>

but thanks a lot for the anwser ;)

Re: problem with a webmail

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well, finally, i've changed the useragent for this website only... i'm a new happy googlechrome 63 user

Re: problem with a webmail

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Oy, that's pretty annoying. Glad it worked. :)