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Topic: overide javascript alert ! (Read 1458 times)

overide javascript alert !

hello alls,

my little problem of the day... i try to override (replace) the javascript msgBox alert by something a few more nice(<div></div>)

well, i found code allover the net, that basicaly use window.alert = function(){ //your code here for the new window }

it works well... on any page... except on one page where i would need it - for sure -

i'm trying to do a little warning for personnal important even (ex:do not forget the food for the cat) that would have the nice behaviuour to use the javascript "alert" overrrided

but at the opening of the browser... at "start-page"... it do works with a simple Js.alert();

but, if i try with the overriding code... nothing happened anymore...
in the same story, no way to open the console with the otter (start-page)

why the start-page ? because it's my defaut page, the open for any new Tab... then i'm that with this i will not forget the food for the cat... (this time :)) )

then my problems comes with otter, and not with Javascript...

somes ideas ???

may the code would please you... if finaly it works