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Topic: suggestion in adress bar (Read 1274 times)

suggestion in adress bar

hi all, there's a couple of weeksi haven't complaint about something

well, this time it's about the adress bar...
- there a long time that it "auto-add", the last part of the last url, instead of something "pertinent"
( do there is something i can do, i've uncheck everythings in adressebar/suggestion and nothing happened (for the moment)

thanks a lot.

Re: suggestion in adress bar

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There might be more settings relevant to what you want in about:config? (Search for AddressField, iirc.)

Re: suggestion in adress bar

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hi, frenzie, how ya ?

tobe sure that we're talking about the same problem

in the adress bar, i've copied something
- this is the first part (with white fond)...
- the second part in blue, is the remains (leftover) of something  :D
-- added automaticaly whatever there nothing that can match it

it seems to the last adress typed... but not sure

i went into abou:config... and i've get off all suggestion proposed here... but nothing happened

Re: suggestion in adress bar

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yep it was in about:config adressbar

simple, instead of [inline] pas to [popup]

just nothing... too, too happy, there few month that it was ennoying me ;)

thanks a lot frenzie