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Topic: ask for a newshortcut  (Read 2093 times)

ask for a newshortcut

hi all,
i tried something impossible to do... this shortcut "seems" to not exist

how to activate the adress bar (easy) with clearing this field... impossible, no way to produce a sequence of shortcuts with Otterbro.

then, this sequence lookalike [activate adress'bar][alt+a][backspace]

and in waiting, i did it with auto-hotkey (ahk)
here the code i use (ctrl+appskey(wich is just near the rght ctrl on on my laptop)
Code: [Select]
#IfWinActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe  ;catch otterbrowser
Send, {F8}
Send, ^{a}
Send, {Backspace}
if (WinNotActive, ahk_exe otter-browser.exe)    ;emulate ctrl+a (select all) in other environnement
      Send, ^{a}

then if you got the time to implement this shortcut, wich is really usefull, when you used the adress'bar as a research tool

Ps: for the few i know about auo-hotkey the code can be diffrent in function of your environnement.. (then no certitude that this one work for those interrested with)

Re: ask for a newshortcut

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I do corrige the shortcut,
i have target my personnal shortcut then...
it's not crtl+menu (^appskey)

but the original shorcut (F8) that have t be targeted => Send, {F8}

and not forget the return after .ahk function... or it could blocked the scroll on the laptop (synaptic)

it's a little hell to find functionnal forms with this soft... but at last...