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Topic: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose (Read 4540 times)

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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If I see the word "shit", I'd likely to move such a thread into, say, a "Outlaw" board, right?
Wrong, because the topic may concern some medical issues.
So, when somebody doesn't give a shit about reading it first, I'll consider them not worth considering ever more. :bye:

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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[Moderator hat]
A special note for Luxor (though he anyway won't read anything here): radio is (and we're supposed to discuss here) not at all your fucking entertainment only - while it's a serious aspect, but also science, technology, business, media, culture, politics, education - you name it.

The place for "serious" discussions is DnD Central. The Lounge is no more "serious" than H&E.  However, this does not mean that H&E is meant to be devoid of spirit or mind. Entertainment can be intelligent, demanding, and thought-provoking.

Since the core structure is based on the scale of seriousness, H&E shouldn't have happened in the first place.

I haven't got the time to. Why?
It behaves interestingly.:)

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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If I were a moderator I would have deleted this thread. Come to think of it I am.

By whatever mechanism the structure of a forum is decided it is decided. Typically the forum members are consulted, then whoever is in a position to make a decision make it. That's it. Then you either live with it or leave.

Forums where the members are consulted typically have a thread where that discussion take place, "proposal to merge...", "proposal to split..." or whatever. Making a number of sulking threads, like you have done, is never the done thing. When a decision is made you leave it at that, if not forever, so for a while to see how it works out. If it doesn't work out as intended you can make a new proposal.

If you don't like a name made with due process (whatever that process is), well, that's your problem.

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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Quote from: Jax
You may decide wrong - then you will live with the consequences.
Making a number of sulking threads, like you have done...
But I didn't.
1. One. Ein. Одна.  To discuss all aspects of the radio including business and technology.  And matters of personal attitude to the derivatives of my own. Which is of a psychological nature. Thanks.

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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@jax: Pretty sure that was a threat in the previous user's first, quoted response to you.

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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I am pretty sure that wasn't.

The consequences of bad decisions would be a less functional, maybe even less fun, forum, not the simultaneous collapse of Western and Eastern Civilisation. I think we all agree on that.

The consequences of extended griping about a decision is more destructive, less fun and function, than the decision itself, unless the decision is an off-the-wall bad one. This is a case in point, there's been spent more effort on a discussion on where a thread about radio should be than there have been discussion on radio. That is disruptive and destructive.

There is a process for these things. First talk in the admin thread about how the world could be organised, what belongs where and why. When the talk is done, the decisions are implemented. After a while they will be revisited, what has worked, what hasn't, would this work better, what should change.

Then, this is the part where Josh isn't with us, it is the job of the moderators to run and maintain the forum, weed out spam, stop the fights, rearrange the deck chairs. That is what they, or as it happens we, are here for, not to make the rules but to implement them. Not all moderator decisions are the best ones, few moderators would be so full of themselves to say that they couldn't done better, or be more consistent. If it is a serious matter, which this discussion isn't, it should be one where the moderators go together to agree on how this should be handled, now and in the future.

In this case it is a regular issue of which forum a thread belongs, a run of the mill case where moderators have the final say. The rules of what should be where may change, the moderators  may change, but the final say will not change.

This is usually a non-contentious issue, people get upset if a thread is closed or deleted (or if it isn't closed or deleted if they think it should be), but not often the choice of forum. In any case, like I said, this is a clear cut case. If Josh thinks one thing, the moderators another, the moderators decide. End of story. He can talk to them directly to try to make them change their minds, but that is it.

Things like this is why My Opera, and most other forums I know, had a "shut up about moderation" clause. If this forum has one, it should be clearer, if it hasn't, it should get one in my opinion.

Re: Somebody's Attitude versus The Topic's Purpose

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Anyway, this is old stuff now. As I think everyone has had their say, I close this thread.