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Topic: New way to create "Open with" menu (Read 1889 times)

New way to create "Open with" menu

Starting with weekly #189 old actions used for adding "Open with" menus were replaced by generic Menu with parameters and options, example (open current page in external application):
Code: [Select]
"type": "menu",
"identifier": "OpenInApplicationMenu",
"urlPlaceholder": "{pageUrl}"
"mimeType": "text/html"
urlPlaceholder parameter is used to determine source of the link, currently available:
  • {clipboard}
  • {frameUrl}
  • {imageUrl}
  • {linkUrl}
  • {pageUrl}
  • {selection}
mimeType option is used to decide which applications should be listed, filtering them by supported MIME type.

Initially I've planned to drop them during migration of keyboard shortcut profiles but these three stopped working after recent overhaul of our actions system anyway...
Most likely they will be still included in that migration, when it will be ready.
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