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Topic: Otters versus Badgers (Read 3900 times)

Otters versus Badgers

We've got a "Ping"??? Now you know what I think?
It's ok there are certain guys to have come ... And what?
We, badgers, seem to hang out in our lovely 'Lounge' and "Central", sometimes taking a dump in the feedback or something... The new guys seem to kick their own issues somewhere in the "Ping" -- and then what? As if we're here - but not here? Separate sites?
So... Do you think otters and badgers can have something to discuss together or what? Or do they need a special invitation?;) Would you invite them?:) Myself seem doing it already
Quote from: Crazy Memba Grammar Nasty
Halloo! Otter guys! Where are you!
We seem to lack your opinions on Gods, Obamas and other stuff, ahoy!?:)

Re: Otters versus Badgers

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We are in the early days yet to see how this will work, but the principle is simple. We provide the Otter Browser Forum, for the Otter guys enjoyment and that includes their participation in the more traditional DnD stuff (our "Core" area). It also attracts for people who are interested in the Otter Browser but don't want to participate in the rather detailed software development chat that goes on in the Github site.

For us it is interesting as a means for getting more members participating in our core area.

They know they are both invited and welcome, or they should be. It's good you bring up the point because it may not be as clear as we hope. But all that is work in progress and it will take time, as it did with the old D&D membership. To help make it clear, Emdek has already declared that the DnD Sanctuary is Otter's Official Forum.  See here.

The "Otter Browser Forum" is for serious discussion and this is why it is separate - to avoid spill-over from our more jocular style. That is similar to the logic of having the "Hobbies" area separate and thus, in principle, free from squabbles, off-topic comments and the like.

Re: Otters versus Badgers

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Sometimes you can be difficult to fathom, Josh.

Re: Otters versus Badgers

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Oh I see now - the Poll.


Re: Otters versus Badgers

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We seem to've reached some critical quantity of the "membership". I've even seen an otter come up to another board;)