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Are you ok with the wrong members' count?

Bugger off!
[ 3 ] (33.3%)
I don't care.
[ 4 ] (44.4%)
What's wrong with it????
[ 1 ] (11.1%)
Slightly uncomfortable.
[ 1 ] (11.1%)
Definitely not.
[ 0 ] (0%)

Total Members Voted: 8

Topic: Do we need some Purge? (Read 21258 times)

Re: Do we need some Purge?

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This isn't going to end well. Mouse pointer hovering over lock topic link.

I was thinking the same. Don't make me put on my "Mod Hat", ye won't like me in my "Mod Hat".
What would happen if a large asteroid slammed into the Earth?
According to several tests involving a watermelon and a large hammer, it would be really bad!

Re: Do we need some Purge?

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