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Topic: The Point of Ping (Read 2759 times)

The Point of Ping

The idea of some sort of co-operation with an outside entity has been around for some time; candidates are clearly those involved with our common interests of Browsers or computer software, or perhaps even associated with one of the pursuits in our Hobbies area.

We’ve used the word Ping to represent attempts by DnD to “reach out” and a new area of the forum has been created to house them.

Very appropriately the first “Ping” is with our fellow refugees from the demise of Opera-as-we-knew-it, namely the Otter Browser. Similar cooperations has been mooted before but I should especially mention ersi and ensbb3.  Ersi suggested Otter and ensbb3 told me to get my finger out. Well initiating it took a while, not because arranging it turned out to be difficult but rather we wanted to be clear on how we could do it on a mutually beneficial basis because otherwise cooperation would make no sense.

In the end it was deceptively simple; basically we provide a forum for the Otter development group members where they can relax a bit and we gain thereby new blood in our motley group of chatterboxes.

So now, thanks to Frans’s efforts and the fine tuning he did for the agreement, we have an Otter Ping for Otter-specific matters, which is moderated by none other than Emdek who is the prime driver in Otter. He has in turn placed a link on his site to guide his people in our direction.

To jump start the process we have placed an existing thread on Otter in the Otter Ping where, like the Hobbies section, it should be free from whimsical distractions and contribute to Emdek’s efforts. I would like to see more threads open there dealing with other aspects of Otter to increase our contribution to the deal. But it’s on-going work.

For the future, other ideas for Pings will come up. In the OP of the Thread on costs I suggested the idea of advertisements having their “own closed forum section”. That would fit the Ping concept. Note, however, that Otter people are free to take part in DnD as Members.

So the purpose of this thread is to collate any ideas that people might have on future Pings.

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We thought we should call the new section something; "Ethel" did not seem right, so "Ping" was used. :)

But seriously, Ping is used as a signal that goes out from one place to test the reaction at another (see OP for more), so it seemed to fit and indeed, as far as I know, it's not been used before so, this being the case, it's use for this is unique to us. In a less esoteric context, we can use Ping when cooperation with other groups or organisations.

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The idea of some sort of co-operation with an outside entity has been around for some time;

We should invite an association of nymphomaniacs for opening their forum here... :)
A matter of attitude.

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We should invite an association of nymphomaniacs for opening their forum here... :)
Now why didn't I think of that!

The idea is flexible, for example we could rent a Ping as advertising space if we had a few hundred thousand members. We could offer a Ping to a charity or as a source of information for lost pets or children or, yes, even nymphomaniacs!The idea of having Pings separate lends itself to protecting the main core of DnD. The Otter Ping is a special case because of of our common history with Opera and the facility of involvement in core DnD discussions etc. It's also our first which is special itself.

So any suggestions can be posted here, to mull over at leisure, no need to rush into anything.