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How do like to enjoy yourself?;)

Daydreaming/imagining things/soul-smiling.:) (Meditation included.)
[ 0 ] (0%)
Physical activities (just walking included).
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Listening to music.
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Lying on the sofa doing nothing except for breathing.
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
[ 3 ] (10%)
Watching TV...:nark:
[ 0 ] (0%)
Playing games (board, video-games).
[ 4 ] (13.3%)
Watching movies.
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
Back to Nature! Enjoying the Nature in person!..
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Gardening - this sort. (Mowing the lawn included.)
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Travelling, sightseeing.
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Some "DIY"/tech hobby.
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Making and/or enjoying art (shooting photo/video, watching or drawing paintings).
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
Chatting with people.
[ 0 ] (0%)
Writing/blogging, discussing things on forums;)
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
To play with children.
[ 0 ] (0%)
To flirt with you know better whom - or even :o
[ 0 ] (0%)
Getting news to know.
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Learning/studying (science, techie, language, whatnot).
[ 2 ] (6.7%)
Sharing/listening to funny stories or such...
[ 0 ] (0%)
Singalong, karaoke, shoutloud. ;)
[ 0 ] (0%)
[ 1 ] (3.3%)
Evesdropping, pranking, etc.; other dirty business:P
[ 0 ] (0%)
Self-flagellation, self-torture, self-reproach:)
[ 0 ] (0%)
Yet something else. :)
[ 2 ] (6.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Topic: What's your entertainment?:D (Read 10894 times)

What's your entertainment?:D

How do you prefer to entertain yourself?
Is it music, yummy food or just an amount of it? Physical activities? Chemical activities? ???
As it goes, some van pilot here seems to like building vehicle models and then piloting them too;) It is called "hobby", eh?;)
Or maybe some prefer lying on a sofa and doing nothing (don't forget breathing, dude!)?
Watching movies? Talking with your folks? any-all strangers?
Playing games? Which ones?

I hit "new topic", but you know what? This site allows to add a poll later, so you see -- don't mind piling up all sorts of having pleasure imaginable - not only those you're keen on, ok?:)
Let's play! After anything's hardly coming up, I'll hit a pole.

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #1
For one, I like meaningful discussions ("visit DnD Sanctuary! - a place to share your BRILLIANT thoughts!").
Also, learning something interesting applies as a narcotic to me. Although it's far not all fields of human knowledge, but mostly scientific, such as astronomy, linguistics, earth science(s) (geography, palaeogeology), systemic analysis applied (to society and such).
I like to walk - especially when it's sunny. I'd like to buy some camera to shoot scenery.
Well... Ah! watching movies? Sic, but initially it was also meant as an educational tool to learn better English. This aspect is by all means actual now as well, nevertheless:) So both listening to the UK's radio and watching movies apply perfectly to my learning entertainment;) As well as doing forum with you, of course! :beer: :D

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #2
I like to read when I have the time.

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #3
Spend most of my time listening to music.
Like to read books too, no special interest or author but I do avoid sci-fi if I can as I find it uninteresting.
A bit of gaming too when I can and Nintendo fills my needs there.
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Re: What's your entertainment?:D

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I like places of vice and decadence.
A matter of attitude.

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #7

DOing things of vice and decadence.

By the way, is DnD, like D&D, a place for families only mentality? (as if families couldn't be the sordidness place in earth...)
A matter of attitude.

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

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Well, I suppose we are perfectly safe even for the most puritan families.
Jaybro has been very careful about posting females curves.
A matter of attitude.

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #13
O'k, for the beginning, music
technical hobby
getting high (in various ways)
chatting with folks
reading   (should we diverse this?)
listening to music (maybe listening to sompngelse also?)
watching movies (watching TV separately? What about going out to the cinema?:crazy:)
playing games
photograghy and alike
What else?

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #15
Sorry - a typo in the poll question, but you will endure;)
Any editing would eliminate the possibility to change your vote, so...

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #18
When I take a notion, R/C boats. Right now, I have a sailboat (presently having part of the control system worked on because the sail control failed) and a small powerboat that may someday actually see water.
Right now, the powerboat gives me some troubles because it's old enough now that parts for the engine are getting hard to come by. The K&B .40 Sport Marine engine is out of production-- in fact, the company that made it no longer exists- so I may have to modify the boat for a different powerplant before I can launch it.

What would happen if a large asteroid slammed into the Earth?
According to several tests involving a watermelon and a large hammer, it would be really bad!

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #19
Heavily into cycling when its a nice day, photography as well if its a good day.
Big film watcher as well, plus videogaming.
Also abstract artist and sculptor
“I kill monsters and zombies with infeasibly large plasma-based weaponry”

Re: What's your entertainment?:D

Reply #20

Here we have a rare thing in these days, congratulations. Tridimensional art seems to have too much dimensions for today's mindset.
A matter of attitude.

Russian checkers

Reply #21
Guess the language. (Not promising any prizes.)


Re: What's your entertainment?:D

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Extraordinary book enthusiasts detected in Romania

Two hundred "culturally significant" books - including works by Sir Isaac Newton and astronomer Galileo - that were stolen in a Mission: Impossible-style raid in west London have been found buried underground in Romania.