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Topic: Must Have Mobile Apps. (Read 10296 times)

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I'm surprised you write Leo.

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Some week ago my Android YT app stopped working. It kept saying that an update is absolutely required, otherwise no go. I had kept it deliberately unupdated because the newest updates insist on you to log in.

TubeMate is a good alternative, I have found. It lets you browse YT, block autoplay, switch between mobile and desktop sites, it has a good number of video-sharing websites pre-bookmarked, and is capable of downloading from all of them. You can liberally bookmark more video websites.

At first I assumed TubeMate uses ytdl for downloading, but there seems to be something different going on. For example, TubeMate can download this video while ytdl cannot (President of Finland visiting Estonia, 1925).

The downsides:
- ads
- sometimes the app steals focus from other apps too aggressively

Re: Must Have Mobile Apps.

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Louis Rossmann announces Grayjay, an app that does what TubeMate used to do.[1] (TubeMate has since been superceded by NewPipe, acknowledged by Louis Rossmann.)

If Grayjay does what TubeMate used to do, adfree and spywarefree, and stays updated, or at least is easy enough to modify by users as it is promoted to be, it's going to be a good thing. With TubeMate I was able to download Chinese movies from Bilibili. We'll see if Grayjay can do the same.
The downsides of TubeMate were that it was adware and it was aggressive with focus. Also, some time after me discovering it it stopped development and I had to move on, leading me to discover NewPipe.