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Topic: Football (Soccer) (Read 3079 times)

Football (Soccer)

I happened upon a site that featured football videos and ran across a compilation that was stunning. Give it a look.

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In other news, on Saturday, Manchester United knocked off the Scousers from Liverpool, 3-1.


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Football turned the opium of the people.
So it goes for pop music.
And tv series.
And Facebook.
A matter of attitude.

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Ordinarily, I'm not a fan of football (either American or the kind the rest of the world plays). However, I suppose I can make an exception for a variation of soccer/football. This--- looks like I wanna play!

What would happen if a large asteroid slammed into the Earth?
According to several tests involving a watermelon and a large hammer, it would be really bad!

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In the Eastern Hemisphere (Eurasia, Africa, and Australia), the northern half favours football (soccer) and the southern half (Australia and South Africa) favours rugby. In the Western Hemisphere, it's the other way round - Latin America favours football and the United States favour rugby (which they call football).

No matter which way you look, things are upside down on the other side of the globe. Interestingly, both football and rugby were invented in England. One more reason why those people are away on an island.