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Topic: R/C WW1 fighter plane (Read 2568 times)

R/C WW1 fighter plane

Somebody did a lot of work putting this together. The engine has to be made by the modeler-- you can't buy that from the store. Took about 3 years to build the engine. 9 cylinder rotary--- the old-fashioned kind, they don't make 'em like that anymore.

Getting the ignition switching right had to be a chore. The throttle is always open, there is no throttle control. Engine speed control was done by "blipping" the ignition switches--- which produced the weird sound when the pilot wanted less than full power. Sounds like the engine is about to quit while in flight--- that's just normal operation of a slowed   rotary engine.

Making this work by radio control--- I gotta admit, that's really something.

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Re: R/C WW1 fighter plane

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That is really neat.

I've got a neighbor that's into RC planes. He's crashed a few over on me. Nothing so elaborate.