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DnD Central / A new questionable separation political party in Scotland (a farce!)
Alex Salmond a former First Minister of Scotland who won his recent court case costing the Scottish Govt hundreds of thousands on losing has formed a second Scots independence party. He says it is not a party to be against the SNP which he left but to help the campaign for independence Eh/ How head shaking is that weird attitude corner and get support for independence from the Green Party. It is dashed obvious the rift Salmond has with his former party and his accusations against that corner. I am a staunch Unionist  and this nonsense is his negative corner to his former party. Frankly his new lot will probably get nowhere but must be getting fed up doing little and although I have no support for the SNP they do NOT need him acting in a huff. He is being subtle as nothing.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Well maybe the Democrat party deserves to die too as the new President is showing he is going to be a damn groan and hopeless. He makes nasty comments about the Russian President  when one considers many of the evils America has done and went after ones it could not control. The things I have mentioned like vast numbers of Americans in jail the poverty numbers, log time people on death row the mass gun killings go on under Democrats as well as Republicans and no small wonder it is a nutjobland. The new president is not outstanding nor comes over very capable or sometimes talk right so it is not surprising there are yanks in polls who exercise concerns o their country. Would also say that there was nothing to substantiate Russia was involved in the USA Elections. A load of baloney and that comes in a conutry that has infiltrated and disturbed other countries doing what if falsely claims Russia does. On Friday night I noticed a passing news item on that matter of German importing Russia oil by pipe. Yet the news item intimated America has bought Russian oil?

The US is stuck with two doubtful parties and both with a history of being two-faced and dodgy. Decent and intelligent Americans might live nicely but the country is politically, militarily a two-faced mess.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Ah nutjobland fan I am not full of prejudice  <Deleted>. Have achieved much in my life which verities me well and I am more fortunate that you dear man in that I live in a democracy not one that boasts about the word but that is all. From a proud Scot also proud of Gt Britain.   ;)

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DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Your Speaker is a very inappropriate, ignorant and ridiculous person. I recall when President Trump did a Presidential speech to the House he initially gave the Vice-President and her a copy each in a folder. But at the end of the speech she tore the thing up! How damnably ignorant, stupid and ridiculous is she? Maybe one day the country may have more than two parties and be a proper democracy. There have been massive negatives over there affecting millions of people whist boasting about being a great democracy, bla, bla. Passingly is informing to find how the place is leaning towards RC's in power. Not much of a direction on top of a terrible system. Think that painting I said was removed was of an Irish Protestant. Anyway this President is no improvement on the last one and not much cop at all.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
I read recently that the new President removed a picture of an early President who was from an Ulster background. He also ditched a small model head of Churchill. Not all Protestants are of the corner being yakked about and the more that long corrupt Church is involved pity America.
DnD Central / Re: The comings and goings of the European Union
<Repetitive nonsense removed.>

Moderator message: Once again you are just repeating everything you've been repeating for 7 years now. We're all fed up reading it. That means this thread and damn near every thread you post in. Take it elsewhere, it's not going to be tolerated here anymore. You have already been told about this, you're walking a very thin line now Rj.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Still does not make a dashed difference whether a Democrat or Republic President the vast numbers on food stamps, jail numbers, horrible death row for ages is the same under both lots. Democracy is waffled about as is that constitution farce stuff. it is also an immature place over need for damn guns.
DnD Central / Re: The comings and goings of the European Union
I would remind you jax that Scotland is not a sound financial place whatsoever.  I am sure you do know that every year Scotland gets a very nice sum of money via the Barnett Formula and this tear got an even extra sum on top of that.  Without such would mean a dashed shortage of money. Even with that money given to Scotland by the GB Government  how would we properly exist? Indeed we also have the highest tax system of the 4 parts of Gt Britain thanks to to you know who.  As for throw in in that rather excellent idea of the PM regarding an Irish Sea crossover between Ulster and Scotland as a wonderful part of Irish unity, dear, oh dear. in passing I also hope that Salmond the ex-First Minister scuppers that mouthy wee Sturgeon.  :D
DnD Central / Re: Today's Bad News
Pity you lost yours a long time back to nutters. My monarch smils at me from above the living room fireplace
DnD Central / Re: Everything Trump…
The country is a joke on politics and democracy and I would remind that months ago before the nutty side of Republicans went daft at DC the Democrats had also went bonkers wrecking shops, looting and taking places over.
DnD Central / Re: Another groaning lock down in Scotland
We will never agree and I will add this Luxor.

You get very quickly into being nippy and on some things like the UK subsidising Scotland gets ignored or rubbished. It is a bit more like those nationalists out on those demonstrations. Have ti folk one of whom worked beside me who were SNP people but they were not as I am afraid crude and dismissive as you have been towards me.

Would passingly say that unlike other political parties SNP ,members of MSP's are not permitted to be too obvious with disagreements and the way the party is going on at Edinburgh bothers me. The Deputy leader is doing what he can to stop investigations into the former leader's strong feelings on party control freaking. Such unfortunate arrogance at blocking things on such a head shaking thing with Salmond shows what can happen inside. It is obvious that I do not have much time for Sturgeon and stick with that as she is a control freak and that is going on inside the party. Control freak lot.

If a woman brightens my boring life with control being dished out and a nice lady offers me a private kiss I might secretly enjoy that. As long as not Sturgeon, yeuch! When I bought my house I did not realise I would get hemmed in and bored by the modern Jacobites!!  :no:  :faint: 
DnD Central / Re: Credit union waste of time no income!
Yes you are right there Oakdale. For folk wanting a loan they can have that without ny further payment into their account just means less saving and their offers are better I would think. I was just a bit niggled when I suspected interest would be down again like December 2019 but did not expect it to be zilch this damn year! Have sent an email in saying a bit niggled at no interest and just as well I am cumfy!  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: Credit union waste of time no income!
Well they are being being shared because my healthy contribution is giving me no damn income at all while they borrowers get a better situ than with a bank! For a while my large CU seen me increasing deposits as getting more than from my bank - or any bank!
DnD Central / Re: Another groaning lock down in Scotland
Very often the guff you wax about Luxor is a rather head shaking nonsense of an answer because dear readers he totally ignores that annual Barnett Formula given to the Scottish Government and it also this time got an added sum. It also organised the highest tax system in Gt Britain. So on Jacobites lost the independence referendum Sturgeon did say publicly tat it WOULD BE A GENERATION THING ( was also stated some 10 times) things that Luxor will ignore and instead slag me or call names rather than face these truths. The latest ignorance from the Nationalists was to ignorantly lie about what the PM said to the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party meeting and that he was rubbishing having a Scottish Parliament etc. The truth was that he was not rubbishing the Scot parliament but the way the SNP runs the system. Now here is an additional concern about Luxor's lot.

The recent court case against the former SNP leader and First Minister Alex Salmond is not yet finished. He won the case and the Scots parliament committee looking into the matter has been trying to get two people in front of it but the SNP blocking it (SNP MSP on that body not happy with that). Seems that Sturgeon's husband knows something and high time more honesty as the legal challenge against the former SNP leader in Court cost the system over half a million!

Avoiding the things I raise by slagging me off calling me names is a sign of passing ignorance disrespect and avoiding the truth is a terribly poor way of avoiding the truth things known publicly.
DnD Central / Re: Another groaning lock down in Scotland
What ridiculous nonsense from Luxor who is intelligent? Regarding tax he is being very strange.  Things are dearer up here and Scotland DOES get more than it pays in re taxation. This year the UK did give extra on top of the annual Barnett Formula and may I also inform readers that the Scottish Government with the power on taxing increased that so that area is higher than England, Wales, Ulster. So Luxor is not giving a proper picture at all and the enthusiasm on the EU would be due to Scotland going there with a begging bowl as it WOULD have a tax problem if independent. Scots who go bananas on independence   are carried away with emotional stuff and ignore the fact that breaking away would not have enough money to cover things.

And for Sturgeon to keep being on tv every day is head shaking. Don't mind her being there on occasions but at present it is just a pointless exercise to the pointless being seen every day! It will be tablets to control the virus that is sensible but stretcing out things all week, etc is a nonsense.
DnD Central / Re: Credit union waste of time no income!
Only to a degree as you should know! If it was not for many people like me putting in reasonable regular sums then borrowers would not get what they want! Okay if they get a loan it is very good and they do not pay anything extra but without folk like me they would have a problem!  :)