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DnD Central / Tripe about Ukraine
I watched that Obama on television going on about rights and stuff in Ukraine and how peaceful protestors should be allowed freedom to protest. Eh? Peaceful protesters can someone find them.Kind of funny when one remembers how the anti-Wall Street folk were treated. Anyway he along with the EEC are sticking their noses into a situation they should keep well out of. Time after time we have been media brained into a one sided report and interviews. Ukraine had an election and produced a President and there he stays until the next one. He has in fact bent over backwards and too much as it happens for all the good it did him. Doesn't Obama and the EEC leaders have sponges for brains? There are TWO SIDES BUT SOMEHOW THAT IS IGNORED. When the first report came out about deaths there was deliberately no mention that almost half were policemen. Molotov cocktails, firing  bricks and anything that hands can lay on at the officers. One policeman was actually beaten to a death pulp my the mob . And mob is what they are. They yak about Ukraine then attack and burn government buildings so how does that help any future governemnt. Neither can an elected man be expected to give up by terror gangs on the street.

It is none of America's business nor the EEC interfering politicians business to shout on about Ukraine's internal affairs. Now talk about sanctions? Can we remind everyone that one half of the country does not want to be in the EEC. And anyway what financial advantage is there in it? No-one has said that. There are two sides and if the terror gangs on Kiev streets are not careful there will be 2 Ukraines. Fair reporting is well overdue instead of the one-sided lynch mob mentality in DC and Brussels.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
It is an utter nonsense to have the Canadian National Anthem in 2 languages. The French lost the battle for Canada a long time ago and should never have pandered to the Frenchies.
DnD Central / Re: The Weird, the Wacky and the Wonderful
Talking about weird and wonderful I see that a woman of 25 think it was went to her local police station in South Carolina to report a crime. As they checked they then arrested her due to a warrant for not returning a VHS video hire when she was 18. She then had to spend a night in jail and is not very happy. Is this kind of daftness routine??
DnD Central / Re: Canada
Whilst on a trip for a week in Belfast I heard an elderly couple chatting next to me and asked whereabouts in America they came from. The woman didn't say anything at that point but her husband frowned slightly and adamantly said he wasn't from there but was Canada. I quickly changed the subject and he relaxed. Don't suppose he was typical but didn't expect that!
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in the UK and Crown Dependencies
Most Scots are not in favour of more immigration. The percentage is higher in England because it has been swamped. If unlikely Scotland was independent and the rest of Gt Britain came out of the corrupt EEC then there would have to be some kind of restriction on the border. Britain is overcrowded as it is and the goody two shoes people neatly bodyswerve that and the fact that we are not a very big island.

Salmond's answer to criticism is to accuse people of bullying Scots but he adopts a sneering attitude himself. He adopts this stance that he and his lot are somehow Scotland and other parties are somehow not. He has a majority in the Scots Parliament but when one looks at the results of the local elections last time right across the country there were no SNP Councils.Several with coalitions to keep them out. He got where he has in Edinburgh due to dis-satisfaction with the previous administration but if they are so wonderful why couldn't they swipe across Scotland at the UK General Election? They couldn't get more than a handful which also tells a story in itself. Having been caught out on currency and the EEC the oaf adopts his usual sniping and arrogant stand. He doesn't represent a majority of Scots , He also has the 2 Green MSPs so I await him in Jesus sandals and beard next saving whales. If he tries to rubbish others that is meant to be okay but when he gets it back it is anti-Scottish, etc. For someone who once worked in a bank he must have been stuck on an abacus because he is an economic flop.
DnD Central / Re: The Worldwide Politics Thread
Once again jimbro's media influenced paranoia about Russia/Putin. wouldn't be so bad if the Michiganian lived in a nation with big principles but get the microscope out folks! Once Putin sends in fleets of drones killing the innocents, catches up on the military bill of the ex-colonies, has trillions of debt, his marines storming along with the Air Force in murdering families time after time then I will give him credence.
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
looks like we are going to get a very long repeat and circles like in the Opera Forum.  Any wide country would not want to copy and live like the US of A. They are too busy missing wanting to be Wild West cowboys but they do partially well killing around 10,000 of each other annually. And all based on a thinking rooted in the past. Talk about immature childishness. The right to bear arms leans more towards a war footing and with the damn place spending half the world's military budget why do they want to use a long time ag attitude for now? Audy Murphy, John Wayne and Hollywood have a lot to answer for but when you get a nation that can be so brained not surprising there are so many nut jobs.Indeed I wouldn't give so many ex-colonists the chance to carry a water pistol never mind what they do have. Keep on shooting each other as a right by all means.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in the UK and Crown Dependencies
The main thrust of the storms have been south of the Border and only the far north of Scotland in a remote population situ touched. Being a Glasgow Presbyterian I have looked after my city of course. Somerset and similar are very low lying and is a wonder folk didn't wear clogs or have an array of windmills. Shame of course for those effected.
DnD Central / Re: Ban the Burqa?
We have already had a case or two of terror-mongers dressing in the dashed thing to escape retribution. The item is NOT a requirement in the basis of Islam but used to make a point instead. I don't wlak about every day in my regalia to prove I am a Protestant but there has been too much of a dithering about Islam here in Gt Britain. There has been a law in existence for 30 years on female sexual mutilation but no figures for them as it is the kid glove approach. Time after time we have backed over and over to accommodate this corner and instead we find an increased number of their young leaning to extremism and violence. They just have to wait until 2065 and the indigenous will be a minority and they will have the place to do what they want. Heaven help the indigenous and the moderate Muslims as they will both be in the same boat!
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
What a surprise from  jimbro and tt92.  ::)

How is that one for brass neck stuff on me jumping so quickly on Putin's bandwagon! You both have to look in your own corner and the ill based quick  approach by your media on Sochi. It was a case of mumblings, sneers from the very start so no surprise you two follow the braining so take the thing out your own eye before you sideswerve to mine. And anyway how much Russia wants to spend is it's right and they have the money. Plus the fact that athletes have been praising the facilities. Jimbro was fast off the mark at sniping Putin so no moral high grouns there. He and his fellow ex-colonist get ired at my views on the USA and I have no intention of aplogising for such. A country that interferes everywhere, tries to destabilise "enemies" who are usally not wishing to give in to big business attempts. Half the world's military expenditure from America. Constantly creating trouble and mayhem. Has an electoral system controlled by the millionaires and not the people. The comfortable off can passingly agree on some of it but think that because their corner is fine the greed and arrogance shown across the world is a passing phase. Well tough it isn't.

So right from the start we had the US and some here getting digs at Sochi for no good reason and there were Americans who cancelled trips because of the over the top hints about terrorism. The same moaners of course ignore previous  matters such as in Germany when terrorists killed Israel athletes or in Mexico City where authorities killed dozens.  On top of this i gave a degree of credence when the USSR was in existence but is now capitalist inclined and is on economy the US cannot control or undercut so not surprising the media and others will brain their people. As long as America does what it does in the world and create conflicts it will remain open for challenge. Both jimbro and tt92 can do nothing about either so adopt an attitude it is not them so that's okay we can forget the deplorable things that go on. Kid of laughable when people swipe at Russia on democracy especially from a land that doesn't really fit that word itself! Have a nice day.

Well done to Russia and Sochi for putting on a great show, wonderful facilities and promoting the Olympic principles. Even more so at the people quick enough to ignore the same principles here.
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
The US of A is the land of adult chidren on guns. They use a war footing at the birth and early years of the country as an excuse for still having the right to bear arms. In the democracies it is the worst in this area as they miss the past and chance to play cowboys and Indians. What the deuce they pay billions for armed forces and armies of police but still need a late 18th/early 19th century to justify their gun craziness is beyond reason. You are hardly safe to go to popular places like shopping centres, cinemas and going to school is a 50-50 chance of mayhem as the nutjobs start younger than most other places. Over 10,00 killed each year and of course the corporate gun lobby and their childish gun toing pals brain us with guns don't kill people do. Well what un-intentionally only backs up what I say about playing cowboys.

Thank heavens we lost the ex-colonies it is a gun crazy lot of head banging numpties.
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
All this bunkum and led by the West and it's "leaders." Can I tell you jimbro that in Edinburgh Zoo one of the toilets is actually like this. An adult and a child can be taken in for example.

Anyway on a more important note all the damn hype that has went on about sneering and sniping at Russia overlooks something. The interviews with the athletes is a totally different picture. The US media and some here have been at this for no good reason at all. Russia has produced the best facilities of any Winter Olympic and the participants would back that. One could almost tolerate such immaturity if oit was the USSR but the country is a capitalist one now but there again however not controlled by the American corporates so fodder for sniping.

Well done Sochi and well done Russia.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in the UK and Crown Dependencies
The SNP has been found out yet again.

They waxed lyrical about how they had checked and legally an independent Scotland could get into the EEC. However investigation then showed they had lied and never took legal advice. In addition the EEC has made it clear they would have to apply. The Nats want their damn cake and eat it. How can you be an independent sovereign nation but remain allied to another country's bank - the Bank of England. Such a link would mean the Bank could influence internal Scots matters. Salmond was also found to have given wrong information on Education and he and the Education minister had to come back to the Edinburgh parliament to apologise. Salmond claimed that the pound was a smuch Scots as the rest of GB but that is damn nonsense. Only if you are in the Union but not if you are out of it.

In an independent Scotland therwe would be no Barnett Formula which subsidises Scots by more than it does the English, Welsh and Ulster folk. Oil is a waffle as it is declining and what when it goes? We spend as much on Welfare as the oil income would be. Salmond waxed lyrical for years on the Irish Republic but it only floated because of EEC handouts now it is still in a mess and he doesn't talk about it now. The replacement is Scandinavia but we are NOT like them nore their traditions. With no Plan B Salmond has had to waffle on economics and his female camp follower of a deputy, Sturgeon says they are being bullied. Somehow Nationalists have worked out Scotland would be the most prosperous country in the world and exempt from the economic woes.

"We were once an independent nation" they cry. Aye we were but we were dead broke and sunk in poverty and the Union saved us.  As for that stuff a contributor has mentioned her of Scotland being 50-50. What is he reading - an old Dandy or Beano comic. Polls are No and I think he has simply lumped the unsures onto the Yes emotional Scots loonies. Everyone in my circle, lodge, etc are voting NO. Two young students working part-time in my supermarket café (early twenties) are voting NO. The Secondary Schools in Salmond's MSP area had a mock referendum vote and every one voted NO! A special school was the only one to vote on his side.

Salmond and his SNP zombies picked 2014 because of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. They are treating Scots as if they are daft on this and I can now tell everyone that although I admired Bannockburn the 3 day festival to be held has been cut down to only 2 days because they cannot sell enough tickets. Recently they had a march in Edinburgh and claimed all sorts of inflated numbers which the police disagreed with. The thing I noticed was the lack of a big crowd watching them. However last year there was a 10,000 strong parade of Scots Unionists to the Meadows in Edinburgh for a rally
We need to kick these would-be modern Jacobites into the heather. We did it in 1715 and 1745 and I will don my red coat and do it again in 2014.

Bring it on as I want to see what keech the Salmondites come up with when the vote comes in!
Proud to be Scots. Proud to be British.