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DnD Central / Re: What's going on in the UK and Crown Dependencies
As I suspected  from Macallan and the southern laddie.  Immigration has to be controlled on a small island but that understanding seems. Might as well have made the Confederate a Mod at this rate.

As for comparing the northern part of the kingdom here with Kosovo?? That place was part of Serbia but the Kosovo Liberation Army were thugs and crims as well as making their funds by drug running although if was shut a blind eye to by the West. Just shows what happens when you let a bunch of Albanians in, breed and then  do what they like in your country.

Oh and as for language boy you stayed in England which corrupts it's own language to the point of absurdity. Liverpudlian, Newcastle, Birmingham and London twangs amongst others are despairing.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
So he resurfaced in Russia? His life was threatened by some of the extremists nuts who now form the Kiev government. Neither am I going to get distracted by that daft comment about an Ulster comparison. The ex-Prsident of Ukraine was democratically elected and certified by international people and the system rubbed out by a coup of street protestors many of who are fanatical fascist inclined including in the new "government."  Now the acting President is taking a stance about the Crimea against the "legimate" government! I can hardly belive his brass neck.

Crimea was part of Russia when Josh's Red pals ran the then dictatorship and transferred the peninsular into Soviet Ukraine. I have said that if kiev worls on street people being allowed to take over the country then they have started a precedent and vwallah! - Crimea! The Western media and true to form comes out with gun carriers taking over the regional parliament down there and now 2 airports. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Kiev mark 2 BUT with less violence and deaths to report. The place is a Russian enclave and considering the self appointed lot in Kiev quite right to say they do not want to be part of something that they are totally and locally against.

Western leaders like Obama, Kerry and Cameron come out with this completely laughable stuff about Russia not interfering in Ukraine! You have to wonder about the mentality and sheer gall of such rubbish. It is okay for their pals in Kiev to bludgeon and shoot their way into power but woe behide anyone not in their pocket doing so.  Politicians from the West went into Ukraine and guffed about support and for non-violence yet fully aware that the opposition well included a sizeable extreme nationalist lot  were beating and killing.

If the West and the EEC continue to be behind this motley crowd of street fighters who think they will run Ukraine then Europe has a problem. Many follow the tradition that supported the SS in WW2 and unashamed and now are in government.  Now it seems there may well be a referendum down at the Crimea on  seceding and traditional home connections. Good luck to them a the referendum does take place as that is more democratic that what the West is supporting up north as the alternative is a cauldron of fire.
DnD Central / Re: Peace in the Larger Middle East
As I suspected this alternative Forum would be is proving correct. Essentially another wee club for the self-opiniated, self appraising open minded intellectuals.

As for morons jseaton2311  yoi really madw me laugh outright at your own limited attitude (your pic embodies you well). If criticising Israeli fascism is moronic then society really has a problem. Israel is just as dangerous as Middle East terrorists. It steals land just the Nazis did in the 30's for expansion has a Mossad which acts like the Gestapo (murdering who it likes), stealing British and Aussie passports for their agents, ignores the UN and so on. All funded by the US and the Big Zionist lobby in the US.

Jimbro comes in and as usual waffles about me hating groups of people which is an over the top and stupid appraisal. In actual practice I have always differentiated between situations but that he resorts to corrupting and distorting betrays much. If he wanders off the self-styled satire expect a daft aim. He and a couple of others just want a cosy club here and if you are direct and offend their touchy sensitivities expect as stupid stuff as this jseaton2311  character. Britain only looked after Palestine temporarily and had problems doing that favour which resulted in the Jewish terror gangs who murdered British soldiers (including 2 on lamp posts outside a hotel).

You are entitled to an opinion jseaton2311 just lime me and anyone else here and if you don't like it don't show your limited grey cells by coming out with this moron stuff it only distracts and tends to show a limited grey cell and narrow outlook of your own. Israel anyway remains the biggest threat and gets away with practical murder stealing homes and land should never have been allowed to declare a State without those who also lived there being treated better.  Maybe some of you here are too pampered mentally just as in Opera and we shall see.Jews who abhor Zionism and what it is doing but have no chance of doing anything about this rogue State. As for it being a so-called democracy ask the minorities there how they are treated. And the nonsense that the impression is being given that the land was somehow a long time possession of the former British empire shows the ignorance of those here who say that. The closed soft mind-sets here need a tin opener to let the air in to the grey cells!
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
That lavatory story has been done so many times but I have seen one of these elsewhere and even the Russians have satired it as it happens. For one who always moans about going on the same take all the time you do it yourself with anything to do with Russia. Time you were told this instead of trying to warp at me! Heavens you are almost as bad as Fox News so waken up and get out of that damn chair for some fresh air. Oh and by the way your terrible snow was not due to Russia either.
DnD Central / Re: Peace in the Larger Middle East
The country that acts like a 4th Reich and steals land. Just like one did in the thirties and caused bother.

Of course you knew I was alluding to Israel which gets away with anything it likes and if it disappeared tomorrow I would go off on a special holiday!
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
None of that changes the act that the ex-colonies have a terrible history of rights, freedoms and honesty. That much heralded Constitution is neatly ignored time after time Yet it blows around the world interfering everywhere causing trouble if their commercial string pullers don't get their way. The nation,s internal history is a shocking one too and still is. As for lists of achievements we could say the same about some dodgy places too like Germany during the 3rd Reich. Goodness they produced cheap holidays for low income families, a cheap car for people, great highways and so on.There cannot be a nation with so many spy agencies as the wonderful shining light to the world.

Not a good idea to try lists of achievements as this can be done this side of the water from the first embryo computer, medical discoveries, railways metalled roads and a whole lot more. Even WW2 was shortened when we solved Enigma Codes although Yanks think it was them. It is one thing having good attributes but when you see the other side it is horrific hence it is so easy to emphasise the terrible side with so much wrong chest beating around the world. Of course many don't want to have attention to this and think because they are okay then no problem folks! Tens of millions of Americans bang on about a different, belligerent and Imperial stance so as we are just supposed to take no note? ders and tens of millions of your associates produce another America which is not very enticing or to boast about. Trouble with intellectuals is is they want to have a sanitised reaction.

Of course I do feel for the decent who haven't a hope in Hell of changing a political system which is not there for them . So they sigh and try to exist without the permanent weight round the neck. How sad.A while ago Smileyfaze made a silly comment that if there were any probs it was our fault. Now there's a beaut that the place was so dumb it took so .long to be mature? Boy am I glad the way things went that we cannot be held resposible for the millions of Smileyfazes!  :D
DnD Central / Re: Do Something
I worked out a long time ago that jimbro has a fascination for breasts so nobody tell his missus indoors.
DnD Central / Re: Community to be kept alive?
Most here j7n are drifters from the Opera Forum because it is going belly up. If one looks at the larger picture in fact it is easy to suss out part of the problem. Over time the number of actual participants had declined to a wee club and can be getting too close to being a selective few. There are those here who are hardly ever away from a keyboard and almost in love with it and others who just see it as a passing pastime. For me it isn't that desperate a need as I llive a life beyond the Net. So I wouldn't be too worried if you don't feel a fit in matter the world is a big oyster beyond here!
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
And the warrant is from a crowd of fanatics including a minister from an extreme nationalist bent so what does that tell you JoshL. Theh look at the potential candidates for President. The ex-boxer and that arrogant woman who had a bad reputation as Prime Minister years ago. With the burning of party offices by the wonderful "opposition" we can just see what the elections will be like. Anyway the warrant is a load of baloney and were they going to include the street killers of all those policemen/ No bets on that one.

And if this new regime which is a motley crowd of oddities wins the election what happens if folk in the east/south take up violence will the US and Europe come to their aid? No chance. Seems the people in the east have been out on the streets and makint it plain that the Kiev mobs try anything in their part of the country there will be big trouble. Ukraine's temporary President leads the banning of Russian as second language but wants a good relationship with the russian Federation?? So many Russian speakers in the east should stick together and if need be split as they will be more comfortably off than the banana heads in the west.  Easterners want nothing to do with what has riculously happened in Kiev and the goings on inside the parliament are no better. For anyone of thoughtful mind it is painfully obvious that there are 2 completely different vies inside Ukraine what it should be. If Russia (one country) makes a routine comment it is interfering in sovereignty yet the US and a group of European countries can do what they like? Gorbochov was right in his interview.
DnD Central / Re: Laziness is a virtue.
Shows your scant knowledge of me and religion Michigan man. I am as a practicing Presbyterian a Catholic as it relates to universal it is just that I am not a Roman Catholic. Kind of keeps me away from a mixture of Christianity and Paganism. It Assuming you are not about when the ex-colonies collapse(fortunate for you)  I would have organised a refuge for you here - but in Edinburgh not with the normal.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
Desperation there jimbro from you as not able to give a definitive answer. And as for trying to distract nb saying that Salmond is in the same leagues as me is  pure piffle.  ::)
DnD Central / Re: The Worldwide Politics Thread
Judging by the way the American media often when daft on Sochi for no good reason you should look nearer home jiimbro. You are so prone to drift into an anti-Russia stance like so much of the Western media as if the Cold War is still here. It is NOT Russia that spends half the world's military bill. It didn't bomb Serbia nor create the debacles in Libya or elsewhere.  it is NOT Russia that creates excuses to invade and destabilise countries as America does time after time. Perhaps it is that much of your life you grew up in a nationalistic country in the long period of the terrible Cold war that it has left vestiges behind but as an intelligent man you should look wider more.

The more behind-the-scenes scenario is that it niggles DC that it cannot control a big country that has now been in the capitalist market for a while as it does elsewhere. So time after time we get snidey comments from the leaders of the "Free West" after countless military sojourns by us. In falling into the haze I refer to your anti-Russia theme therefor debases your grey cells. Being more like the US political outlook is not very helpful at all.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
On interviews from western Ukrainers it is the thing about jobs in the EEC and in the end more immigrants for elsewhere. In the east of the country there is much in the way of industry the excellent black earth and farming matters. The new acting President wants good relations into Europe then with Russia whilst at the same time withdrawing representation in Moscow?  Somehow the morality here in the West is that it is okay for us to interfere in a nation but not someone else. Oh dear how ludicrous. Now places in other parts of the Ukraine have came out with sticks and things in case the wonderful opposition has the temerity to come into their towns and cities.

Going into the EEC the way it is will be a nightmare and what effect will it have where all that commercial side is in east Ukraine? The sad fact is that the idiots in the square are uncontrolable and some of the groups are the same ones who supported the local Nazis  in WW2. As for that female fiormer Prime Minister recently realised the media goes on as if she is Joan of blooming Arc. Yet when she was in power she was intolerant, bitchy and got the country into an economic mess. But the orange revolution was the thing and when it is Western leaning you can expect it to be wonderful of course. No doubt the folk in th east and parts of the south want the country to stay as one but if they are just pushed aside or dealth with  willy-nilly to put up with anything maybe they could have a few thousand people in a town square and force a revolution too. Considering the amount of trade between Ukraine and Russia especially in the East why wasn't Russia more deeper in the picture along with the EEC and America.

With new elections in May following the gradual take over by a motley crew things will not stop there and if it means eventually a break-up then so be it.We can blame the retrogrades in Kiev and the interfering governments of the Western World. Supporting the killers in Kiev is anew morality? Groan.
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
The way the adult children go on about playing cowboys and kill each other could be a help in the long run. If immigration is halted and they keep gunning each other down in 5 figures annually should save some tax money. Yeah you kid minds keep going and use the 18th century as an excuse. And all from a nation that regards itself as modern and a shining light to the world. What a land of nut jobs and mass fruit cakes. Millions homeless and losing homes, tens of millions of poor, trillions on wanting to be the Imperial controller of the world and they go on about right to hold weapons. No wonder so many laugh  at the utter hypocrisy of the country. Having been brained into it for generations since young they practice a nefarious type of nationalism they have been told is patriotism. Hollywood has a lot to answer for.

In place of not being able to answer the point properly the terrorist supporter on this thread has to fall back on US bashing. Maybe if he lived in the real world and that is actually outside the land of the head bangers he would maybe be forced to realise the place is a, laughing stock of hypocrisy! Seeing you want so many gunners why not reduce the armed forces by ceasing to create wars as you would save a lot of money. Even more disbanding the police you pay so muc for too. How immature to use centuries ago for the right to shoot each too bits. With so much hypocrisy the power of the ne-fascist NRA and that late eejit actor who was leader for a while small wonder the word hypocrisy comes up. Bashing the USA is so easy and never lets one down!  :(
DnD Central / Re: Laziness is a virtue.
The Michigan man really has a thingy about religion doesn't he?

Being always an active person laziness has been a distant threat for me.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
The simple answer is to have it in the main laguage and that is that. Maybe in your country considering that you along with the general indigenous will be a minority soon you sho.ld get ready for your anthem to be in some Me-hican or Latin American lingo. Won't be long southern laddie so get ready.

The French lost Canada so tough pandering to them gets you nothing just look at Quebec.
Browsers & Technology / Linux - just a pity
I ahve tried linux and it is a simple to use OS but just a shame my train simulator programme cannot be used on it. Members have said it is not really possible and you require DirectX11 for it to function. Means any time you buy a new pc or laptop one has to take Windows (or Mac) to use it.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
It may well go beyond your idea of the 2 presently inside the one State. The antics of the opposition make that even more likely and there has been far more intereference from the West than further east. Nor does the situation get away from the actual bias that we are being hit by. Indeed the impression is being given that the militants somehow are the only people and that those from areas that support the President are invisible. Wrecking, killing especially policeman who essentially for the most part were not gun using says much about those that are desperate to be in the EEC. For my view the so-called opposition are not very mature too emotional without reason and viloent because they couldn't win the last election. Those not part of the oposition have been virtually ignored as they haven't been destroying things and that the West ignores this is ridiculous.

And in more basic terms all those supposed nationalists who will subjugate their sovereignty for EEC membership they could maybe find out what finance they are liable to get. Nothing has been promised has it? As for Russia apart from the loan (and that is all it is) they have not come out with the hypocrisy of DC or Brussels. Now as I intimated people in east Ukraine and parts of the south are making it obvious they will not tolerate any invasion by the "opposition" and it's diabolical violence.

What the east of the country should do now the President is there is declare separation as they are in a slightly better situation then let the west into the EEC and then it will see that they have been conned by the politicians from elsewhere who simply go to interfering in the Ukraine to get some of the usual not very discrete asides at Russia. Let DC and Brussels face their own financial headaches and keep their noses out.  A new East Ukraine has more to lose than the stupidity of the west part of the nation.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Judging by the level of violence by the opposition the destruction of government buildings and so on the Ukraine mobs want to remove a democratically elected president?? That simply leaves the door open for those opposed to these gangs to do the same and where are we?  A while back the so-called orange revolution put in someone that the present government supporters didn't want so the bias on Ukraine is prolific. Every time a news item comes on it is a loaded report.

Whatever faults the President has he has given in time after time and what has it produced? The simple answrr is more violence.  The "opposition" seem to think that getting into the EEC will solve their economics but the EEC has not indicated a pennt towards any entry and the situation may be worse. Now the President has left Kiev to go to the east of the country to have a discussion. People there are now talking about defending their towns from the "opposition" if it tries its hand there.  Why the US the EEC think that they have a right to stick their nebs in beats me. Who do they think elected the President and government. At each attempt for a break the fanatical and emotional terror mob in thesuare just go daft and worse. They started the shooting incidents and amongst the opposition are fantical nationalists.

The end game is moving towards a possible civil war and the eventual answer may well be two Ukraines.  Indeed the EEC will not help Ukraine and it is time we got more balanced reports on the media with people from BOTH sides.