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DnD Central / Re: What's going on in the UK and Crown Dependencies
I used to find it amusing when some south of the Border moaned about our regional acents up here and Glaswegian in particular. If many regional English folk could hear what they actually sound like and what they do to their language that would be something else.

Anyway it has been long known that women play a big part in this fortchoming Referendum and now the Nats have accepted this. Weeks ago, I bumped into an ex-councillor of the city with his wife in a supermarket. He remembered me from years ago and we got into a chat. He was always a bullish, self-opiniated bloke and went on about the SNP this and that stuff. Of course he was voting yes and he turned to his wife when he found I was an adamant No she said she was voting no! Kind of shut him up and I said cheerio to them.

People like Luxor earlier in this thread go on about preferring Scots to be running the country whist at the same time he and they quite neatly forget history they wax about. Scotland was bankrupt and extremely poor and the Act of Union save the place. In due course as the Empire spread many of it's people in important positions were Scots and in time things improved. There is too much of the granny's Hielan' Hame stuff and that we would automatically be aside from the European and world,economic problems. The SNP appeals  to the emotional and those hijacked by bagpipes and shortbread. If something isn't right somehow it is automatically Whitehall's fault. Maybe the rain we are getting fits into that mentality? If Salmond cannot answer a question in depth he procrastinates, sneers and blusters his way out.

Now I going out to get a No badge.  :no:
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
Unfortunate what is going on in Europe but there are deep problems in America too. It is a world-wide kind of sadness going on. However I must admit that i am now planning a visit to Ulster in Spring and then the Netherlands maybe July. Not sure of where my autumn break will be. So often I have went away for a break and bump into someone I know so maybe this year I may be more lucky. 8)
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
I have to wonder about the intelligence of Kerry because he looks like an amateur in a professional show. He comes out with complete piffle and knows little. Both he and Obama would be better sticking plaster oj their lips. Both wre completely over the top.

Here we had the US President talking about invading sovereignty and acting wrongly yet what has been the history of the United States of America since the end of WW2?? De-stabilising, invasion, ignoring sovereignty, creating war on stretched motives and still at it as we debate with drones. At least one television announcer described it as hypocrisy and one can just image the stuff dished out on tv over there and not just from Fox. Kerry stood there in front of the media like a wet sponge going on about how the former Ukrainian government had  gunned down democratic protestors in the square. Now the revealed phone dicsussion between baroness Easton and the Estonian Foreign Minister betrays something else! Over 20 riot policemen were killed and around 130 injured and wounded by gunshots. Begs the question as to the rubbish talked by Kerry as being baloney. Now it appears much of the sniping was from Hotel Ukraine at the square which also happened to be the HQ of the wonderfully peaceful protestors. The police were not gun armed and the shooters were knocking off both the police and rival opposition groups.

Kerry also talked stupidly about how bad the square;s "peaceful protestors were treated. Eh? Throwing Molotov cocktails at police and setting them on fire, using catapults and anything they could find including their eventual shooters. The former President gave in to one demand after another although you tend to get that ignored. The "government" that took over from the elected one did not represent Ukraine one damn bit. It only represented essentially th west of the country and that is made obvious when immediately they banned Russian as the second official language right away even though but is premier in the east and southeast including Ukraine. So the Kiev bandits weren't thinking a joy of all-Ukraine but just their desperate attempt to be in Europe.  I have seen excerpts of US TV news items including going on about a deadline for Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms by 5am or be eradicated. It was never ordered and didn't occur. Neither has there been a violent invasion. It has essentially been peaceful.

The West led by the US has been hell-bent on supporting a partisan bunch who destroyed the elected system and democracy even though an election had been offered. The West doesn't care a dman on the fact that much of Ukraine did not want the revolution by a motley crowd of rejects. Some of the Nationalist and Nazi people were released from jail and now "serve" in the restricted regime in Kiev. Maybe some clever clown like jimbro and his new sidekick fro, south of the Mason-Dixon coul explain this odd way of loking at things. That is in accepting a restricted government that DID NOT include the east or south of the nation they just did what they wanted.  The media is also unbelievable  in it's bias. This has included commented on mobs of protestors in the east and south which has no comparison to the brutal things who caused mayhem in Kiev and killed.

President Putin has been conned by the West before in places like Libya and elsewhere and isn't going to let it happen again. He, I think, would prefer to see a more federalised Ukraine to acount for the proportion of his people who live there and predominate in many places. The mobstsre in Kiev did try to get down to Crimea and take over an offical building but got chased so does not indicate a willingness by the Crimea to even be in a federal system. Keep this in mind that in Crimea the ELECTED parliament has voted unanimously that it won'ts to be returned to Russia. The Referendum will fully endorse that. Compare that to kiev's mobsters.  And lastly for now.

The West has been mouthing away in agreement with the Kiev "government" on getting rid of the Ogliarchs. Yet the new Prime Minister is a rich one and they have appointed billionaires as 2 regional Governors which contradicts what that lots rank-and-file people say in the street. If part of Ukraine ends up in the EEC it will suffer even further hardship because Europe will lay down restrictions and toughness on money so that people will be even worse off. Due to the Kiev lot and the West supporying bandits Federalism may vanish as an idea. America thinks it has some God-given right to be masters everywhere and practice hypocrisy on a vast scale with the rest of the West just sheepish=like following.  Face facts would-be funny men here as you will believe anything people like Obama, Kerry (what a disaster) and Cameron etc yak out. Obama should retire early to Chicago (sorry mjsmsprt40). Leading a nation that has interfered, caused so many wars and destroyed countries now being left ineffective. Boy that has been a long time coming and more please. Thank you President Putin!
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
Yes where else jimbro. I think that is a wonderful idea of side by side situ in the bathroom. You could read the papers together (on the rare occasion you buy one) and sort out all the problems. Very unique.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Don't see the Imperial past as a problem at all as we are in the 21st century and not the same thing at all. I must remind that the USand to a lesser extent the EEC in Europe are not something written in stone. One recent headline here said that Rssia was going against those two - well excuse me but ther planet is not owned by them. If you want to see a nation that is doing an Imperial modern stance look across the Atlantic. Invassons, destabilsing, back handers via the CIA and what have you. Your country has to go an awful long way to catch up with that lot. Do you have hundreds of bases across the globe? no you don't.

What was done in Kiev was illegal but what has been done is legal and more normal. There the Prime Minister WAS elected. Kiev by virtue of the way the government was taken over are the wrong ones but the West totally ignores principles when it suits them. Let it take the West of Ukraine and see what happens when it goes into the EEC and all the extra money worries the cuts and having to live frugally because of economics. The same "oppoistion" was vehement that the oligarchs had to be got rid of and what do we find? Appointments to government positions, governors, etc are billionaires and millionaires. That arrogant woman was released from jail as a hero is another wealthy one and has a whole series of wealthy homes. Principles be damned. Then more baloney from outside on the Crimea where the parliament has made decisions having been elected as their prime Minister. Somehow that is nothing but a crowd of bandits who destroy the same process in Kiev are heroes?

The news reporting is appalling. One Sky reporter from Ukraine rabbited on about the Russians saying people would be safe and he commented "believe that if you can." Another load of cobblers was the Russian Navy giving the Ukrainian navy until 5am to surrender or they were for it. We officially recognise an illegal takeover of a voted in government and that is oaky. Then the television and newspapers join the lies. Where is the neutral reporting?

The Ukraine military is in a state of flux and apart from the fact they would have a hard job against Russian speical forces they are dubious. A whole section of the air force has already changed sides so to have navy people and it wasn't Russia that caused this it was the motley crowd of bandits and Nazis who took Kiev over. So that mob was supported by the arrogant West led by Obama who thinks the world's fiefdom is their right. Wrong side of history (according to Obama). Now if it wasn't so serious you could almost laugh at yet another hypocrisy. Ukraine has lost Crimea and the Referendum result in no doubt and maybe part of the East will in time go and all because of doubtful people in Kiev. It is their fault and not Russia's

If Russia had as many military bases across the Earth a history over the last while of wars and wars, intrigue, de-stabilising and destroying governments then one could yak with some basis. As I pointed out the country is so deeply divided and you can blame the Kiev lot for making it a heck of a lot worse whilst thinking they will be saved by US and other handouts. They don't know what is ahead of them in reality. Two Ukraines will be way forward.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
What you forget is that the Crimea has been definitively kind of Russian for an awful long time. Note the stuff about the Baltic States which are in a different league but should tell you (in case the carefullt dished out media doesn't) that the mayor of the Estonian capital has came out in support of Russia.

A Colonel in the Ukranian Army made great play of the fact they had called up Reservists but omitted to say that less than 2% had responded. Units of the Ukranian Army special forces had refused to be involved in Crimea and the naval units in Crimea are in process of changing sides against Kiev. A Rear-Admiral has been filmed taking an oath of allegiance to the prime minister and goverment in Crimea. With moral in the Ukraine Armed Forces dissolving and defections they can make noises but that is all.

The West went to great lengths to support what was a coup by a selection of the population - probably around 30% if lucky. We go on about democracy yet support a coup against a democratically elected government/ The fact that it includes very extreme fascists someohow is not important. One representative of one of those parties has stated on television they are National Socialist "Just like Hitler but not as bad." That was obviously a quick thought of a reply. Who is prominent in the Defence Minisyry, etc? Fanatical nationalist extremists hence the sabre rattling.

Immediately the hoodlum sponsored government took over in Kiev they deleted Russian as the second official laguage but yesterday came out with stuff they were not picking on anyone. In the Crimea over 90% Russian is used in official and other areas so what does that tell people there? Over a hundred thousand seeking solace in Russia and hardly surprising.  It is obvious that divisions are deep yet we in the West go hell bent on supporting a coup and illegal goverment  as if it included all Ukraine. It doesn't an will not. The country needs reappraisal and if that means East, West and if need be Crimea as separates then so be it.  The West can then tramp off into the EEC and see what that brings them. They will be burdened with more debt, restrictions and austerity packages. Anyone remember Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece?When one listens to Obama, Kerry (was his last job in a carnival?) and Cameron you could groan. All that tripe from DC about invading a sovereign state baloney. What has America been doing for decades but the same damn thing if it does not get what it wants.

On the economic front the murmurings about economic restrictions. visas and all that stuff is silly. The Russian Federation has the world's fifth economy, Europe depends on the pipelines and so on. Cameron knows that but toes the DC line. The West has been very immoral on the so-called principle regarding Ukraine and it is because unlike other parts of the corporate world which it for a while has dominated and controlled the modern Russia is one it cannot get away with that on. So let Ukraine divide and then let the bit that is in decline and run by illegal government slide into Europe it will find that is a mistake.  Crimea already officially a semi-autonomous State will vote for separation and that is one H of a more democratic than the lot in Kiev we are supporting.
DnD Central / Re: Do you consider yourself free?
On this occasion I fully agree with Smileyfaze terror supporter. Freedom doesn't come free. It was the money lot that started the Revolution and have run the place ever since and look at the stae it is in for the majority.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
You are incapable of solving yours jimbro so you have to grump on with a desperate sideline - as usal. No matter who is in the White House the trillions of debt go up the homeless the corporate control (now includes ambassadors). Neither do you have much of a practical voting choice. Plus the fact that we have a wider democratic process than you have over there. Maybe if your country stopped beating it's damn chest and stomping the world it could be treated more reasonably nut considering the history damage patience is needed!

Meantime back in Canada the separatists in Frenchie Quebec are at it yet again trying to split. In hindsight General Wolfe should have dispatched them out the country. Seeing they were so pally with your corner in the late 18th century they would have been at home there.  :P
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
I wish someone really thoughtful over there could explain this.

The US Constitution in all the arguments over it mentions that the gun thing was in conjunction with a properly organised militia. No problem with the militia in a young country not yet full up so why the deuce is this thing about the right to carry arms when there is an army a National Guard a wide police force everywhere? Is this saying that having these normal parts of a definitive State ar just for some kind of show?

I watched a very tough interview in the BBC's Hard Talk programme with the former head of the NRA who advised all countries to be like America. Heaven forbid we give an open sesame to thousands of gun killings. But my point of query remains. Have I just missed a Militia because it is hidden....?
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
Just a postscript on the double lavatory matter. A year ago I was at a Zoo here and there were different toilet blocks around the place but as the child with me wanted to use one we stopped at a brand new one just at the exit. Be musingly each of the 2 toilets instead had a double seat just like that Sochi example. The Zoo is in Edinburgh.....
DnD Central / Re: The Worldwide Politics Thread
The EEC isn't much of a choice. Run by Germany and in a state of economic stagnation and the rise of nationalism across it. It is in fact quite a disturbing thing the gap betwixt the EEC and Russia and better if it were not so. As part of the "West" and it's leadership it has fallen into the pattern of digging at Russia. Russia has changed considerably since the days of the Cold War but it is the West that is harping on about that former matter instead of facing facts. However Europe is in such a damnable state that it is trying to detract from it's own deep failings. I look forward to the hopefull day my country gets out of europe. it is okay for a holiday but the 4th reich does no appeal to me at all.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
You are not getting much progress I am afraid mjsmsprt40 with the incumbent in the White House. What is the most recent poll - around 40%?  And just look ahead with the Democrats looking at Hillary Clinton ( for goodness sake she is a waste of time) and the Republicans in a state of mix. Pity there is no third way. If it gets worse you aren't that far from the border.
DnD Central / Re: Gun Control - Should Ordinary Citizens be allowed to Own, Carry, & Use Firearms?
What a bum reaction.

And talking about importing bashing from Opera do try and check your own eye before waffling on someone else's .Russian ignorance on your part boy? Or that thread that went on for scores of pages on the juvenile minds over the pond and their childish love of guns?  It is here in all it's daftness. So you are falling well into just another example of the would-be frightfully, frightfully, would-be intellectual club mindset. That seems to have been imported here too just to ensure a broad outlook......!

ps. Bet this gun continuation goes on and on.
DnD Central / Re: Laziness is a virtue.
Oh I have hiked in snow here jimbro leading youths in challenging situations but in this case quite happy for you over there to have heavier falls and be top of the pile this time.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
Well jimbro you live in a nation where hypocrisy is a global capital word inspiration. Your leadership is hand in glove with israel which has ignored the UN and the world time after time. You (and well you know I mean country so don't hive off on that stuff a usually do). Israel has long invaded sovereignty for it's own ends and has it's military and existence funded by America the great leader of the Free World (groan). Time after time DC has disrupted country after country and found excuses for war. Usually followed up by the corporate masters following for money making. Hundreds of military bases everywhere and contradicts it's own Founding Fathers on rights, freedom and much else.

As for Ukraine and minorities as referred to earlier.  The mobsters in the Kiev square who took over the nation were a minority and replaced a voted in government so because it suits the West at it's sniping on Russia that makes it okay. However in the East of Ukraine there have been a whole series of protests from people who object to then cabal that has taken over in Kiev.  Can I say mjsmsprt40 there is much in what you say but as a passing explanation  - just to clarify for you can I say that Crimea was part of Russia in the USSR days and long ago in Kruschov's time (?) he gave it to Ukraine So it wasn't taken off Russia so to speak. The majority there are Russian and from the start of the Ukranian link have always had their own provincial government.

Now Crimea has stated it will be holding a Referendum this month on it's position and may I also say that in the last 2 weeks over 140,000 Crimeans have applied for Russian passports. Up until now they had to have Ukrainian ones to get access to things lie pensions, etc. So Crimea IS Russian and I do hope they vote for a walk away rather than be under the clowns in Kiev. This may spread across the east as well in due course after they see what happens in Crimea and in the circumstances why not? Those in Kiev and the west of the country are hell bent on being in Europe and the EEC because the country is just on the edge of default and bankruptcy not only to Russai which dished out but other places.  So in the end either a Ukraine and a completely separate Crimea or perhaps an East and West Ukraine as the best solutions bceause neither is going to accept the other.

For the West to execrise the sheer gall towards Russia bearing in mind what we have done over theworld to suit ourselves is frankly absurd. As for the unpopular man in the White House he apart from being hopeless is incapable of doing anything. What a change to find the corporate global State that thinks it has a right to rule the world having a nation it cannot control. Not before time.

East Ukraine and Crimea should go their way and the West it's as the best solution. Come back in 10 years and the West half of the country will still be a banana republic run by a motley crew.
DnD Central / Re: Laziness is a virtue.
I do have to disagree with you there string. Long walks are healthy (take note in Michigan please) and thus virtuous.
DnD Central / Re: Marijuana Laws in the United States
Ah but the Southern Laddie's place is still in the US of A so no chance of a distance on that yeuchy stuff. Mind you how anyone could try and eat all that for breakfast is beyond me. Certainly is not very healthy and I value my health too much. Up here they often put in Scots square sausages and call it a Scots Breakfast. Enough to enhance the groan feeling.
DnD Central / Re: Tripe about Ukraine
And talk about sheer audacity with Obama warning about infringing sovereignty and interfering in another country?! Another example of somewhere that preaches rights and values but certainly does not exercise such themselves. Ukraine has been taken over by a minority and it does include some very nasty pro-Nazi people. On Friday night I watched an inteview with people from one of the "Nationalist" parties who stated quite frankly the word National Socialism.Another lot had badges quoting "88" representing the 8th letter of the alphabet twice for Heil Hitler. Some are in this artificially created government. In fact the Minister of Defence is a frightening nationalist and another has said no-one will take his gun, nife, etc away. How wonderful our Western media is in reporting. The Kiev Square was a hell place of violence and death but the mob did a coup and the West supports it. Now when others come out (and no killing) in Crimea and take a stand they are hinted as being terrible!

As for Ukraine and the EEC those Ukrainians who are desperate to be in that motley crowd of head banging wasters are bashing a daft cause.  Just look at the state of Europe in the EEC. There has been no clearance of it's annual accountancy by auditors for years. Ukraine thinks going into that bunch that will solve their problems - no it won't and they will then become like the Greeks, Portuguese and others on the tour round looking for a job or on the welfare system. It doesn't matter who you watch, Sky, ITV, BBC they are all so one-sided it is damnable.  I do hope the peninsular does do a referendum and as it was party independent anyway it will be a short move getting out the fiasco as they have been ignored by the weird bunch of new Kiev government who haven't a clue on running Christmas Club never mind a country.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
Why are you being overly daft there Smileyfaze terrorist?? I have ALWAYS said America is NOT a democracy. It infringes it's own people and that Constitution thing which is as much use as me in the Vatican.
DnD Central / Re: Sochi Olympics
Oh-oh a dreaming Abbey fan. Can we expect definitive reactions from such? I bet if you had lived then jimbro you would have been a footman and I as butler running the staff.
DnD Central / Re: Canada
Well played after I reminded that there was no comparison? And how dare you entwine out flag jimbro with the flag of that mucked up place across the pond that cannot even run itself or a democracy.