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DnD Central / Re: Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
Yep O it is sad. I started going on holiday from the age of 5 with my parents before all the stuff that was to happen as bad as it did when the republicans went mental. As an adult often went over the Irish sea for a break and always in a good hotel in Belfast  Then as the senior officer in a uniformed boys organisation here (and across the world!) took many boys to a very modern camp on the County Londonderry coast (front lawn dipped onto the beach!) and the village rail station a minute way). Was in charge at 17 camps and we never had any bother with the nutcases as the area was A1. Indeed many many years ago I even had a Belfast girl friend whom after several months departed from me and i had to stick to Glasgow lassies! Spent a week at Christmas at her family home then a summer holiday twice. Many years later she phoned me and although doing well work-wise her husband was too much into drink and had been an army sergeant. Nice to know she missed me!!

Ulster has a great atmosphere for me and I will be glad when the virus control situ eases and I get back over there and i am glad it is part of Great Britain and the people likeable - well apart from it's terror nutters but they will not stop me getting on a ship or ferry and getting about. Nice to know that Ulster lady never forgot me but ladies always liked being with me and being missed by an Ulster one is top of the range!!

As for the limited places of trouble with the police I still stand by what I said about the terror lot having a mass funeral parade of 2,000 when it was damn well illegal but they got away with it. Disgraceful.
DnD Central / Re: Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
Should have said that the so-called Good Friday Agreement was a farce on democracy. There was some months ago a Republican funeral for a former terrorist that had more out with it than legally. interesting the irish Prime minister coming out to condemn that recent violence in Belfast, etc but where was he when those terrorist lots came out in 4 figures for that funeral??
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
I do not think that Republican representatives wanted the violence that occurred at Washington DC nor did even President Trump want that. I would also remind you that the Democrat opposite numbers went ballistic in cities across America. I can recall one where the trouble makers took over a city centre for days!

Trouble with the country is that there is political control freaky over there. As I have previously pointed out the vast negatives on poverty jail numbers and people on death row for ages works under both those parties. The USA still has a base on Cuba and refuses to leave the place which adds to the hypocrisy. I did feel that routine people like Oakdale are suffering propaganda soaking when you look at all the massive failings in the country. Oh and let us not forget the mass hypocrisy of gun ownership. For tens of millions of the citizenry in nutjobland  constant nationalistic flag waving everywhere and not paying a damn heed to the national failings I have said on these forums. It is one thing being loyal to one's country but the US is nationally and internationally a farce I am afraid even allowing for sensible folk! The word 'awesome' is a national word now!  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Nope it is NOT like every other nation whatsoeve, haha!

It boasts about itself and very gung ho. Rabbits on about democracy and being a great nation for folk yet it doesn't matter a hoot who is in the White House the level of poor people, criminality daftness about gun people and so much more is a groan of I am afraid direct hypocrisy! The nonsense of gun ownership from early days going independent is a farce. There are nearly 700,000 police and around 1,300,000 military yet still has this damnable nonsense about right to bear arms??! Even though I allow for sensible Americans that there are so many gun fanatics that do not need to follow that nonsense says much. The general failings I have intimated on crime, poverty, prisoners, people on death row for ages and so on emphasises the unfortunate truth. It is money that runs America not sensible politics. I visited the USA away back in 1980 then again in 1982 as had met a couple on my train between NYC and Washington DC who lived in Philadelphia. They were a pair of retired journalists. The man had edited a magazine for the staff of the now gone Pennsylvania Rail Road (me being a rail fan got on well with him). Were keen to see me again and made a second trip to NY and went down to Philly to stay for a short time with them. Intelligent folk in a sense but asked if we had coloured television in Scotland! Have also visited the Netherlands tw ce and France once.

Met some nice people including a lady who shared coffee and biscuits with me on a train (other times used the restaurant car) chatted to a couple of NYPD officers in the street so though there are intelligent people over there there are far too many been brained into nonsense claims about their country as well as the need to have the nutty country in charge of the world! Politically as a system it fails as a world country sticks it's nose anywhere as the world saviour yet cannot do anything about millions of Yanks at home!!  :o  :whistle:
DnD Central / Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
Have never cared much for people throwing fire bombs, wrecking etc and the last few days over there although not pleasing there was a basic frustration by many loyalists. The Sinn Fein lot  a historical violent lot had 2,000 people all turned out in white shirts and black ties and a massive crowd watching them marching behind a dead IRA man's hearse. That was utterly disgusting and was illegal as such things like funerals and weddings were strictly curtailed due to the virus. The Leader of the Shinners was there and she is the deputy First Minister for goodness sake!It just gave an okay for that lot and is totally disgusting and should have been stopped. Recently as small group of secretive loyalists went out on a short march with a band but broke up in short time. Police tried to find out who that daft handful were but 2,000 terrorist supporters on a big march is fine and law mean nothing. Disgusting.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Unfortunately even allowing for sensible Americans the country has never been great. What it has always had is overdone self appraisal which has been farcical with the state of so many people in the country and the international interfering with other nations. Kind of shows a wide head shaking for the propaganda swallowed. As i say there are positive folk bu generally too many brained.There are many Americans (popped up in polls) who are not that happy just having the Democrats and Republicans and neither of those two solve the massive failings inside the USA and it's smart alec approach to other places. I sigh for sensibles over there.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Uh oh your description of my stance is amusing as it fits a good description of tens of millions of brain controlled Americans in a dumbed ridiculous political system. Equally also ignoring all the massive failings I mention. Name calling me puts you in same armies who are grey cell controlled. My reminder of the massive negatives on crime, police clowns, tens of millions who are poor the disgusting times on death row and other disgraces. Trying to be smart and ignoring big contradictions to American boasting on principles leans on hypocrisy. Slag away dear ex-colonist but I'm near the truth and will give you a passing pat on the back, That is you know it is true all the nonsense brained into folk over there ignoring factuals!  :devil:
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Try and have a cup of tea. Always coffee is not good for you especially as a day goes on and my doctor confirmed that too! So too much coffee for Yanks is a challenge!!  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Once had a dog years ago OakdaleFTL but poor thing took ill and died. However I still do have a care and it is for the ex-colonies where so many probably basically decent people are easily foiled so will add you! ;)  :up:
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Not a very clever assertion in that last line from colonel when one considers the rather big failings of the country that boasts about freedom, democracy and other assertions. Why it has a giant poor lost of over the 40 million, mass shootings, jail numbers, mass shootings, interfering in other countries and so much that if damnably farcical all just ignored and in place boasting about how great a country the USA is! I was in close touch with a long contributor here who was in recent times a retired teacher. Did look forward to him and his wife planning a UK visit until health stopped him. There are of course decent people in the US but it is I am afraid a land full of obvious failings and sadly far too many over the pond who are easily brained into control f their brains and common sense. When one looks at the mass failiogs whilst it boasts about being the greatest country on Earth is an intellectual groan!  :D
DnD Central / Re: Georgev Floyd brother made me shake my head
There is enough long established idiocy in nutjobland without us wanting to be part of such a failing matter in politics, massive poverty, executions, arrogance in the world.

That the sad dead man's brother going on like an idiot is ignored by you is typically American!
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
I must tell you frankly colonel that you are so dashed wrong regarding me as feeling desperately touchy. mind you I do make allowances for you being a youngster but I have been involved in politics, religion and community all my life been written about as well as being involved in the local court system in my city so I am NOT touchy which is a daft thing. You studiously ignore the national failings of your big mouth country and ignore what I have said is a disgrace. You ignore the obvious failings in the areas I mention it is weak and immature have a slag at me instead! Nice try lad but not really mature for factuals. Pity even after no doubt well education you avoid f actuality!  :D
DnD Central / Re: Georgev Floyd brother made me shake my head
Economic an political suicide are routines in your country. You totally ignore the numbers of folk in the ex-colonies whe are unemployed, numbers in jail on death row for months and years. A land of hypocrisy and an invader! You totally ignore the point I was making and the dead man's brother could not have been more head shaking of hypocrisy. The poor brother was badly treated by that officer and it was disgraceful leading to a death. Would also add that senior officer who has spoke out against the policeman that did the killing was right and i agree with him. But the dead man had a crime record a thief and druggy. Totally disgusting what a policeman did but my point I also stick with in the brother talked nonsense.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Guff from me and hurt feelings colonel??! I will make allowances for where you come from boy. Although I have been in the ex-colonies twice years ago had a broad aspect in life due to my legal standing in my city there is hardly anywhere more hypocritical on democracy, rights. It does not matter a dosh which of the 2 parties produces a President the shortfalls in the millions of poor, political hypocrisy wonky rights claims, etc what a place, haha. And Lucky lad you were never brought before me laddie in one of my legal positions!  :o  :doh:
DnD Central / Georgev Floyd brother made me shake my head
Let me say initially that I watched his brother talking closely to an interview camera the other day.

Now can I say that I not leading into some silly stance and not agreeing that George Floyd was not wrongly dealt with. Violent attacks and shooting by US police is a very traditional and long happening matter. George Floyd was not properly dealt with by that ex-officer now on trial and I most definitely think the man when an officer was head shakingly bad kneeling on Floyd he rabbited on about how first class, dependable and outstanding George was. Police conduct certainly a headache but why did that silly relation go on about how brilliant and normal George was? He had a police record for assault,. theft, being a druggy, spent time in jail. Dear oh dear. Police not innocent however that false description equally ridiculous.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
Well when it comes to language Yanks are regular at when speaking often splitting words as if a hyphen in the centre (proper spelling). I have been in America twice, France once and the Netherlands twice, Found the Dutch very experienced when tto English so you might catch up on them one day.
ps. I actually have a picture of a very outstanding man from over your way over the pond and was a great military man. Curious?  8)
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
What you for chappie is that King George 3rd' help improved. n addition your revolution was not by the majority your rich took over running the place and still do! Voting rights took ages you had a civil war even up into the 20th century and far on blacks still getting done in tens of millions today who are on food stamps and as I also pointed out jail numbers folk on death row for months and years. Your lot create wars all the time and you have a whole expensive list of spy organisations. If not Republican or Democrat then forget politics the monied in both run the place and democracy limited. If real democracy and world principles ever grow then warmest regards but what you basically got after that Revolution was a farce.

Oh I will comcede one thing. Brains are so well controlled over there!! :o
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Hi there!

It was an old friend of both who once informed me of your previous hobby and had been on the original opera then this one. He did clear off ages ago but he and I kept in touch. Anyway good you are back in charge of the brain so good for you and always tremendous an ex-colonist is determined! If you were ever in Gt Britain and up here I'd give you a glass of Scotland's favourite soft din - Irn Bru!!
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
I will just passingly put you in the general American bracket of being easily brained. It should just be a straightforward individual vote and utterly daft adding that extra level when you boast so much about democracy.  Would also add that it does not natter a straight damn whether a Republican or democrat in the White House the mass poor so many in jail death rows and so on continue no matter which of these two lots are in power.

Whatever faults Trump had the man in the White House now is no great advantage. As a public speaker a groan does not come over very convincing and in some speeches wonder if he can read English. I did agree with Trump on the border control advance as there were too many in the country illegally and now Biden is a mess with even more rises in the illegals along with kids. Just a pity the US is not a more in-depth democracy but the hard facts show something else. Following the style of Trump  Biden is no advance and will be a disaster.
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Put your drink down dear man. That passing comment about you interfering in Russian elections and them in yours is in real terms a load of nonsense. There is no proof Russia was involved in your political farces! But unfortunately too many Yanks can be easily brained so keep a proper sense of balance!  :lol:
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
Ah Oakdale the way your country treats the citizenry strains getting full democracy.  Although I am no fan of the EU there is wider politics in it so catch up boy!
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in the Americas?
Well Oakdale you are distancing yourself from all the guff banged into the ex-colonies by your own media, politicians, etc about a great democracy and should lead the world.  Kind of shows how easy to brain people over there when one considers all the nonsense. Accusing the Russians of interfering in elections with no dashed proof and the way the country interfered politically elsewhere makes me laugh! Enjoy your relaxing sip. :D