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DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
You do not live in a proper democracy of reasonable society so you have been traditionally well brained by daft propaganda. I* am glad not in the EU and that should stay that way including for Scotland. We could not afford not being in the UK. Coming from a nation like yours and the mess it is in and the regular mass killings and riots what a farce trying to look democratic and well versed.
DnD Central / Re: Nonsense from the West over Ukraine
That is head shaking coming from an America Oakdale! Wanting superiority the world has been an an in depth thing for generations. Creating battlefields, spying on countries, trying to destabilise where they will not give in to US Imperialism. Your country accuses Russia of interfering in your election but no proof - none. America is riddled with wide spread mob violence, regular mass killings but wants to be a world controller! You have bases all over the world and coming out with a label on Russia over the election nonsense. Where is the proof??!
DnD Central / Re: MJuch of modern news here in the UK a waste of dashed time
For a young man with a supposed education (even though an American one) you talk utter rubbish and indeed directly lie.

(1) Britain and the Irish famine:
your totally being immature and not very bright. Britain did not organise a starvation in Ireland the tragedy was a purely local thing at a time when less was known. IO would also educate by informing you that the same thing happened in the north of Scotland. Neither planned by authorities in a simper time.  Mind you a lot of irish who left for your place the boosted crime and corruption across the USA.
(2) More British on the dole:
More lack of grey cells from you and may I remind you of the virus (that has also affected nutjobland).
(3)Knife crime in Scotland:
Again more utter ignorant nonsense. Here it has declined and better and greatly declined situation that in England and elsewhere across the UK.You are out of date.
(4) Kenya, Churchill etc:
More scant knowledge  and would also remind that there was away back decades ago an evil and violent Coummist activity there.

Your piffle coming from a violent land of mass murders, iffy police and so on makes you look silly. I try to make allowances for the way you lot are brought up.
DnD Central / Now America conjures up over Russia without proof
Now the President has came out with that stuff about Russia creating things undermining America and that Russia also interfered with the Presidential Election. May I remind that America never came out with a factual on that after "enquiring." Kind of two-faced when you consider how America interferes where it likes.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Did passingly muse that you may be a well educated ex-colonist but i ponder on that. Ulster is not going anywhere and i would also inform you that a number of years ago the Irish republic withdrew from it's constitution any claim on the "5 Counties." You could also have come out with that stuff of Scotland leaving the UK at the last vote on it and even with all the guff did not happen. Scotland not in Gt Britain would be a catastrophe as it would lose the annual subsidy via the Barnett Formula and indeed this year an extra sum passed up to Scotland. Nationalists messed up the police by merging all into one force and created a massive debt. The National Health suffered under them as did education. Regarding Boris Johnston he has an eccentric side but I would remind you that he stormed into office and the Labour Party got it's worst result since before the 2nd World War. That included scrubbing Labour's working class position in North England. Passingly amusing a Yank yakking on here when you consider your country's failing internally as well as internationally. You can waffle nonsensical stances but it shows you ignore America's internal history as well as wanting to fight wars all the time. You might have been well educated but  vague of using the grey cells properly!
DnD Central / Re: What's Going on in Europe
I wouldn't want to send your only friend away poor man.  :o  

Personally I have not time for the EU and never liked us being a member. It is not that unified (a bit like your country O) Just a pity your Civil War was not successful for the Confederates as the US would I surmise not be that worldly arrogant on the planet. (heehee).  Is there still a shortfall from EU places not paying their full NATO bills? There are also countries with groups of people getting Bolshie about Europe and it is a joke of a place. That there are countries in that farce with growing nationalists says something.   :up:
DnD Central / MJuch of modern news here in the UK a waste of dashed time
Do not frankly see why we need constant news especially on the BBC and Sky. On an afternoon over an hour of the news they went on and on about the virus for thirty minutes - half the time! Constant having an expert of some sort all the time every day and hour. we are hit with constant news and has become a damnable farce repeating and braining us. Personally I do not see the need for 24 hour news and going over and over the same stuff.
DnD Central / Nonsense from the West over Ukraine
Now i note that the USA is moving troops to base in Germany and obviously using the situation in east Ukraine as a daft excuse. NATO (which should have shut down years ago) and the usual interfering of America nipping at the Russian Federation. NATO has been making noises even though Ukraine not in that lot.

When Crimea had a referendum about being independent of Ukraine we got rubbish from the West over that even though perfectly well run and the vast majority who were Russian voted out. In the east of Ukraine the two provinces are not happy in that country and the majority Russians so wanted out and I would remind that during WW2 much of Ukraine was Nazi and had troops on the Nazi side and there were Russian Ukrainians who suffered. When somewhere wants independence and supported by the US and it's servants the NATO lot that is "okay" and if not they are tough on you. Russia is no doubt supportive of the two provinces and just as okay to be such like the West and especially American control get away with things.
DnD Central / Re: Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
I do not sit all the time in front of the telly to be brain controlled like Yanks! When that Labour groan Tony Blair who introduced that damnable Easter "solving"years ago what did he do? He quietly left the Church of England background and went into the RC Church! His wife was  if that side. It was totally disgraceful that the Chief constable of the police in Ulster totally ignored that massive RC funeral for a dead terrorist man. Yet recently when a small group of loyalists went out on a very small short parade with a band the same police wanted to know more. It was a total disgrace that those 2,000 smartly dressed gits got off with what they did as it was illegal.

Would say to you OakdaleFTL that I have always been a strong protestant and do not agree with the Church of Rome but do not hate them or go after them either. Don't have much time for Islam either!! I had ancestors way back in the 17th century who stood by their face against persecution and indeed south of the great city of Glasgow is a memorial to John Howie a fighter for the faith!  :yes:
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
The unfortunate thing is Colonel that you for all your intelligence you practice the gibberish you leave with me. What you do is ignore the hard fact that it does not matter a damn which of the two control freak parties run the US my statement on the crime side with jailed numbers, poverty, gunnings, duff policing etc at the levels they are and massive world interference are unfortunately factual.  That yanks so easily brained is unfortunate because the place does not change from the massive negatives I refer to. I stand by the fact you ex-colonists ignore the hard truths and a waved flag keeps you controlled. The failings widely do come from the two parties time after time and sadly there is for too many over there an ease of mind control and the failings in suffering by tens of millions mean sod all. Even for a basic thing the failings continue with the two parties Americans are controlled into. Heavens even middle class people can be strained.
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
Over years I tried to live on hope that Americans would get a definitive President who would stop trying to run the dashed world to be run by the monied minds whilst millions of ex-colonists are brained into world dominance whilst being hypocritical about poverty and failings elsewhere in the world INCLUDING in the US. Massive monetary and the massive cost ridicule outer countries whist being champion political controllers. A whole series of security organisations and a military number costing a fortune and no help to the massive numbers suffering. Used to think that Goebbels had a clever way of fooling people but he has been overtaken across the pond. Does not matter a sod whether a Republican or Democrat President the defaults and lacking in America is going to continue. If Dr Goebbels was alive today he would be smiling and clapping hands!  :whistle:
DnD Central / Re: Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
Uh-oh. 'Carping' is a handy excuse for a body-swerve stance dear man! Whether Ulster or the USofA I am near the points! The North of Ireland will remain British and that clown who was Labour Party Prime minister years ago who created the Good Friday agreement was a groan. And when the province became what it got as independent of Eire in 1922 i stick by the stance on maintaining the new border and refusal to give in. Cry was "Not and inch" and I stick by that when go there for a nic break or sometimes a parade and I am all smartly dressed, etc! :)  :up:
DnD Central / Re: The Awesomesauce of the American 2024 Presidential Elections
I have no misconceptions dear ex-colonist! I spoke the strong truth about the tens of millions of poor, numbers in jail length of being in a death cell for ages, interfering in other countries going bananas about how great the place is! And all that nonsense you folk have about the numbers of guns bought. A massive armed forces matter and plenty of police 9 percentage who are nuts). It is not democracy that runs the country it the big money people and as I have laid out no matter whether a Republican or Democrat in the White House those things I say continue under both. Elections are just an exercise so go crazy about how exceptional the place is but in hard practice it is not. My visit years ago was pleasant enough and so to was the couple who suggested I return and visit them for a couple of days. So I did make it obvious there were decent Americans, etc but the country in general is kind of democratic farce with an electoral college thrown in (groan) and neither of the two big money parties can do much with those failings I remind of.  Globally it interferes with places across the globe instead of spending on their own people who are in massive millions getting poor. I don't hate Americans I would state but it is niggling so many are being brained into being the greatest place on earth and is directly obvious that is not the case! I'd even treat you to a meal you lucky man!  :D  :up: