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DnD Central / Re: Artificial intelligent - Ideas producer
Or maybe — just maybe — I've actually read the text. There's this little trick in reading texts, namely using your brain — or your mind, if you prefer, but the English idiom uses the word brain — to draw logical conclusions based on the premises. And sometimes you'll find you come to the conclusion they didn't actually take their own thought experiment very seriously.

Are the empirically verifiable biological processes, including the firing neurons as observable by neuroscientists, identical to internal experience or not? In other words, is phrenology true (i.e. is the brain identical to the mind)?
The mind is a process created by the brain. To call them identical is to say that flying is identical to an airplane.

Alternatively, is it permissible to presume or assume that external reactions are sufficient signs of some internal reflection, self-reflection, introspective consciousness and experience of qualia (by some other possible theory than phrenology, as phrenology is known to be false)?
To be a philosophical zombie you need to be identical to a non-zombie, yet somehow not experience qualia, yet somehow behave exactly the same as a non-zombie. This is incoherent. The zombie will have to behave differently, that is to say that it doesn't experience the smell of wood or colors, or lie. The latter is also behaving differently, but in a form that will be detectable by — yes indeed — neurons in the brain. The zombie's brain will be different.

"AI" is literally about as different as can be. AI is exactly the way in which a zombie could actually exist, contrary to the one described in the premises.
DnD Central / Re: Artificial intelligent - Ideas producer
Philosophical zombies are self-refuting because thinking you experience qualia is simply the same thing as experiencing qualia. That's what qualia are. Unless something is lying about experiencing qualia, but the philosophical zombie isn't lying by definition. This is a logical impossibility. If they're not lying about it, that means they're experiencing qualia.

Of course you could conceive of magical qualia but then you're not saying anything meaningful about qualia.
DnD Central / Re: Artificial intelligent - Ideas producer
When ChatGPT came out, I participated in a debate on another forum about how intelligent AI is. My stance is that AI has no intelligence whatsoever. And machine learning does not learn. That is, there is no similarity or analogy, much less identity, between how human mind works and how AI works.
That might be overstating the negative a bit. We are extremely good statistical pattern matchers, much better than closely related monkeys for example, so there may well be a certain conceptual similarity between how some part(s) of our brain work and how these algorithms work. That's also why the people who developed them named them "neural nets," because they were designed after a certain model of how the brain might work.

The fact that it outputs such natural-sounding prose certainly doesn't contradict the hypothesis exactly, but we do need several algorithmic orders of magnitude less training data. Crucially, there is nothing much intelligent about merely a simulacrum of our visual and auditory processing and production abilities. But it could be a step towards it.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Best about wristwatches
In terms of "work well enough for my purposes", smartwatches can be awesome, counting steps and observing heartrate, sharing your location and what not. However, they are not the same technology as watches. Smartwatches are electronics and are accordingly guaranteed to lose at least half of their price along the years and then never recover from there, just like electronics in general.
I also have a Casio from the '90s, albeit currently without a working battery. It's the superior form of a smartwatch, and they sell them new as well. The battery lasts… two years? Maybe more.

The main selling point for "smart"watches seems to be that they bother you every time you receive a text or something. (And they spout some lies about being able to measure your heart rate and how you sleep.) I wouldn't want that unless they paid me at least a thousand a month to wear it.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in Scandinavia, North Atlantic, Baltic States and Scotland?
Tartu is sending some propaganda out into the world about becoming the "capital of self-driving vehicles".
To start with, Tartu decided to experiment with on-demand transport in the region. Organising a regular bus route in its sparsely populated surroundings is unreasonable. But according to Tambet Matiisen, Head of Technology at the ADL, this challenge was a perfect opportunity for self-driving cars: it is often easier to achieve driverless mobility on smaller highways than in dense urban settings. Combining these considerations, and with the participation of several technology companies, Tartu ran a widely popular experiment between 26 on-demand stops connected by 66 km of roads.

This pilot provided both the city and other participants with valuable information about future challenges before such a transport system could be applied more widely. Mr Matiisen recalls, for example, how they quickly realised that using traffic lights for navigation is suboptimal.

Something like 24-hour buses could certainly be a very good thing in theory.
Browsers & Technology / Re: Best about wristwatches
Below 100 e mechanical watch: probably not a good idea, unless it is Vostok from Russia, Luch from Belarus or Red Star from China. Until recently, also cheapest Seikos and Orients were below 100 e, but not anymore.
I have a couple of € 20 mechanical watches. They work well enough for my purposes, but of course they hold no value.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in Benelux?
More likely something like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Poland, etc.

The Netherlands/Benelux makes the equipment to make things in other places but the end products have mostly left since the '90s.
DnD Central / Re: What's going on in Benelux?
Biden Wins Deal With Netherlands, Japan on China Chip Export Limit
President Joe Biden’s administration secured an agreement with the Netherlands and Japan to restrict exports of some advanced chipmaking machinery to China in talks that concluded Friday in Washington, according to people familiar with the matter.

And an interview from just before this announcement with the ASML cfo here:
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
Really? Is there a difference? I consider the difference as imaginary (or rather unnecessary) as between Internet and internet. (As to "the", Estonian - and Finnish and Russian - don't have it and I'd rather we never did.)
Perhaps it's because we live in a Christian (Dutch: christian) nation. The distinction is somewhat imaginary when talking about bibles that contain the Bible but there are also bibles in the sense of authoritative works in general.

"The Bible, that's how it's written in the Bible, Biblestudy"
"biblepaper, a bible seller"
"an Italian food bible"

The general rule is that proper names are capitalized and type names aren't. So the Bible/Quran/New Testament is considered the same as something like the Guardian or the New York Times, albeit under a special "holy books" category. But an individual bible is a type name. The Bible is a bible and the New York Times is a newspaper. Or something like that. But yeah, it's certainly odd for the bible seller.
DnD Central / Re: Grammatical Mutterings
In Dutch, the Bible is the holy text of Christians and a bible is a printed specimen. Grammatically some Dutch spelling norms can be a bit weird and sometimes straight up absurd, but uppercase-wise it's mostly reasonably sane and consistent.
Browsers & Technology / Re: What's the best kind of interface for writing and typing?
From another video of his it appears that he is brother of Tech Lead (as a millionaire) who is probably familiar to you.
Somewhat. Insofar as I am I definitely don't want to watch him.

I have thought about the controversy that Emacs does not adhere to "Unix philosophy" that programs should be small, do just one thing and do it well.
Since you mentioned Xah. ;)