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Otter Browser Forum / Changes, changes, changes
It's about time to move our main repository to new organization profile:

I've just tested transfer using testing repository and it seems to work just fine, even including redirects for wiki pages created after transfer.
So, as long as nothing bad will happen, then by evening (along with new report) we should have more professional infrastructure on github.
You can except some other PR related changes too, probably not all of them will be ready today but as you can see we are simply starting preparations for our main event for this year, the 1.0 release (well, it is still doable and now I have even more motivation, obviously ;-)).

BTW, slight common cold is one of the worst things that can happen when there is time for bold move. :-D
Otter Browser Forum / Beta 4 release (01-01-2015)
Most important changes:

  • added support for mouse gestures;

  • added initial support for customizing toolbars;

  • allow to load plugins on demand;

  • more actions (over 150 in total);

  • added Go to Page dialog (F2);

  • allow to customize menu button (JSON file);

  • lots of other fixes and improvements.

Otter Browser Forum / Revised release schedule
Here is new release schedule, note that some of items could be delayed or done earlier, but hopefully almost all of them will make it to 1.0 (except these marked as Later), maybe even at least few smaller or bigger not mentioned on that list.
The biggest item (and one of most important ones) is custom tab bar, which may take more effort than stuff like QtWebEngine backend.
1.0 would happen almost exactly two years after was created. ;-)
There would be two RC releases for 1.0 which would live in own branch after tagging beta 6, one and two weeks before 1.0, replacing weeklies (as it will occur each Monday).

0.9.05 - beta 5 (01.03.2015):

  • user scripts

  • address field suggestions / drop down history

  • UI for customizing toolbars

  • customizable context menu

  • improved taskbar integration for Windows

  • exposing MDI features

  • additional panels for sidebar (page information, notes etc.)

0.9.06 - beta 6 (01.05.2015):

  • start page

  • passwords manager

  • helper for mouse gestures

  • feeds reader (as module)

  • support for tab thumbnails embedded in tab bar

  • tabs grouping (stacking and panorama mode)

1.0.01 - first stable release (01.06.2015):

  • fine-tune UI (sizes, margins and other details)

  • (at least) preview Blink (QtWebEngine) backend (assuming that there will be usable (pre)release of Qt 5.5 at that time)


  • spell checking

  • shared contacts database

  • mail client (as module)

  • form auto completion

  • extensions (Firefox and Chrome APIs support)

  • Opera Link like solution

  • support for Opera skins (through custom QStyle)

  • IM client module (at least IRC, possibly libpurple based)

  • BitTorrent module

Otter Browser Forum / Evolution of icon
Author of current icon experimented a bit with current design (left side), the biggest difference in new version (right side) is that the tail is now visible.
What do you think, is it the right direction for evolution of this icon?

There is chance for some more minor changes (if he will have enough free time), if you have any ideas what could or should be improved then please post them here.
Otter Browser Forum / Otter 0.9.02
Most important changes since beta 1:

  • added initial support for content blocking (Adblock Plus compatible);

  • added Opera and HTML (Netscape) bookmarks import;

  • added rocker navigation;

  • added more keyboard shortcuts;

  • allow to stop page loading by pressing Esc;

  • no need for manual tweaking to get working binary for Windows XP (requires Qt 5.3);

  • translation related improvements;

  • some other fixes and minor improvements.

There were bigger plans for this release, but apparently hot summer is not the best time for programming. ;-)
Otter Browser Forum / Windows installer - #216
First beta is nearing but so far we don't have installer for Windows...
For now something basic would be sufficient, just install files into selected directory (stuff like accepting license, installing only selected language, creating shortcut to launch in portable mode etc. could be added later).
So far it seems that people prefer Inno Setup over NSIS, but since currently we have no installer any will do, it could be always replaced or improved later.

Any volunteers with some experience in writing installer scripts? ;-)
Otter Browser Forum / Otter 0.4.01 Released
Another "boring" release (hopefully next one will be finally more exciting).

0.4.01 (01.04.2014):
- added basic full screen mode support;
- User Agents configuration;
- various tab bar related fixes;
- some other fixes and changes.