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Otter Browser Forum / Re: Some [a lot?] Questions and Suggestions
Another problem - this one exists also in Presto and has been quiet a bane.
Creating a browser search engine from a regular search field on websites (e.g. wikipedia) works as those are %s-hardcoded, but there a webpages that use some heavy javascripting with their search form fields that the Otter's icon to create search engines is grayed out, as is Presto's right click context menus option. The website's source does not reveal a usable (for me) code either. I've tried 'googling' this problem but haven't found an answer yet.
Does anyone know what the magic behind those javascripted searches is and how to circumvent the untraceable-ness, i.e. create a browser search engine?
Sadly I'm not a coder. I try looking at html/vba/other codes to see if I can tweak a code to my liking, but I'm not a 'creationistic' coder - as the sidebar button stuck to the status bar proofed quiet sufficiently. Alas, it took me ages to figure out the toolbar info sits at the end of the toolbar code section after the content of that toolbar; rather counterintuitive.
Otter Browser Forum / Some [a lot?] Questions and Suggestions
Thank you for trying to implement the good old presto functionality while allowing modern page rendering.
Trying to customise the GUI the way I have my Opera 12, I encountered a few functions, either
- not yet implemented or what would be good to have additionally: if those have been mentioned by other users please ignore
- or I just haven't figured out how (or work around the issue): any pointers here are much appreciated, even if I already have a semi-workaround noted
Thank you very much.
For reference, I'm using Otter 1.0.81 weekly 380 (even though under Help>About Otter it says 360).
I hope what I'm trying to convene is sensible. I will clarify further if there is need to.

(A) Functions from/like Opera Presto
A1) save as MHT
A2) style appearance (toolbar BG and whole icon set) - I know that icons can be changed individually through dialog, or by replacing the picture file in a "resource folder", or via folder path (all of which is more tedious than in presto)

A3a) separate customize dialog, without all the other navigation buttons, thus <search field (xxx)> can be listed as simply <xxx>
A3b) search fields on toolbar without 'search using'
A3c) custom display name in this separate customize dialog, bonus if folder-izable à la bookmarks
A3d) search bar exceeding screen space automatically in multi-column view
A3e) show search button = no, by default

A4a) display content of added bookmark folder as individual entries, not folder itself with dropdown menu (or user choice btw either) - workaround: add individual bookmarks through dialog (very tedious)
A4b) bookmarks in window (bookmarks in sidebar is ok the way it is) with dual window: overview (current bookmark window with only name) and folder content (with user choice columns)
A4c) bookmark page tab(s) as option above open folder in all bookmark sub-/menus/folders, this makes saving to correct folder easier
A4d) bookmarks on toolbar: width and spacing (thinner like Opera, or user choice; a FF add-on called <Thin Bookmarks> does that)
A4e) a possible bug?: bookmark name cut-off at various lengths when text is displayed beside icon
A4f) bookmark selection in sidebar and window, allow multiple not just one
A4g) bookmark selection in dialog opens entire folder till the screen 'burst' if the folder contains too many entries, this would be easier on the eye if handled like presto with <open next column> arrows with possibly a <open all column> arrow (or user choice btw either)
A4h) empty Bookmark name gets overwritten as "(Untitled)", this is annoying if I only want to display the favicon of the bookmark on the toolbar - temp fix by using a single dot (space didn't work) in the name = bloats the toolbar unnecessarily

   Buttons/Icons/Elements in relation to toolbars
A5a) drag and drop btw all toolbars
A5b) missing function/elements/buttons in the configure dialog: presto's "Block Content"*, element/total loading indicator for status-/toolbar (not just temporary pop-up progress bar; or a customizable progress bar so the "status" from status bar can be merged into it), sidebar open (like the button on the status bar - I had to move the syntax manually in the json)
A5c) dual use buttons* with dropdown menus: e.g. site prefs (main click) - Block Content (dropdown arrow click)
A5d) toggle-able buttons* for taskbars/sidebars incl. self-created ones, bonus for placement toggle (Top/R/Down/L within the page frame)
A5e) toolbar used as sidebar (implemented): alternative placement hierarchy: below address bar
A5f) customs buttons such as website translates (old functions of ancient google translator I ported over to newer version)
A5g) favicons not saving to existing bookmarks (imported) once page loaded for each
* these Presto GUI functions were often user defined, most were found online like the custom navigation buttons; there was also a Custom Button Creator
   ODict fields & buttons:
   Drag'n'drop buttons:
   Custom Button Creator:
   Dev Info:
   (Search Plugin Manager: Otter has most of that function implemented

(B) Functions from/like MSO 2003
B1) editable Main Menu: change/delete/hide menu and submenu items, change order, change icons; also FF add-on called <Menu Wizard> does that
B2) editable Buttons via a Button Editor

(C) Functions from/like Gecko-engine, its forks or add-ons
C1) width change for search fields; a FF add-on called <Thin Bars> does that
C2) a restart Button (and Menu option)

(D) Additional functions:
D1) sidebar stats: Download & Bookmark Windows/Tabs: change/delete/hide Status Info items above Status bar
D2) Sort Toolbars manually and A-Z instead of by edit date (?)
DnD Central / Re: New Member's Welcome -- Kindly Introduce Yourself Here
Fresh on here.
Loved the good old Presto since I first started on the Internet; still do.
Found Otter Browser as the most potentional successor and looking forward to further development.
May come with some (a lot of?) questions and suggestions thereof.
Frans has my gratitude for helping me join here.