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DnD Central / The smilies board

I wrote some experimental code a while ago, but I've certainly got no time to wrap it up this week. There's also the issue of how to reconcile the fact that some people like all the smilies visible at once and others would prefer most of 'em to be hidden by default.

As usual -- in the profile.:idea:
Quote from: Scheickspier
To wrap or not to wrap - that is the question.

(By the way, you could lose doubles right about already now, huh?)
Forum Administration / Re: Hobbies and Whatever
Basic skills are the same in any art and craftsmanship area - for a pro and amateur. Whether it's music, radiodevices' construction, whatnot.
And I see Arts not pertaining to entertainment - but rather to human culture. And spirit.
Say, Michael, is gospel entertainment?
And media business is not so much entertaining - being a business, enterprise. Think about news broadcasting?
Is broadcasting news a sort of entertainment?
The Lounge / Re: What's your spring? :)
I don't know their name, today walking out, I saw a not so vast mat nicely dotted with those blueish-violet bell-like shortgrowing beauties. I came up and bowed, then there I met a humble-bumble doing its important job:)
Quote from: The Humble-Bumble
Browsers & Technology / Re: Phones! phones! phones!
The dullest thing I have on my Philips. Not mentioning the plough-through mode switching, its "smart-typing" thing doesn't feel very "user-friendly" (how to "select" words and how to add punct. in that "smart" mode), and its vocabulary was written by I don't know whom and I don't know if that person was high or what: half the words I deem basic are not there at all (no custom voc.) - moreover, it does even not "know" any word forms at all! Well, I have, say, "crowd", then no "crowds", no "crowded", nothing; I have "go", but there's no "going" -- such stuff I have to add manually.

Unlike English, the PHILIPS "knows" LOADS of word forms in Russian 90% of which simply don't exist and most of them even can't exist by the Russian grammar rules.
DnD Central / Re: Putin the Magnificent: Series 2 - Putin's Russia
In Series 1, Putin survived the Russian Constitution rule limiting Presidents to two terms by an adroit  disappearance stage left and reappearance from stage right. He is now in the first part of a second two-term Presidency before, presumably, temporarily disappearing stage left again.
He just sits there. The presidency institution was thrown aside quite ago already.
The Lounge / Re: What's your Net?
(Why can't I see J7n's posts here properly?)
I have no cable net here for the second day, and no clue when - or if...