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DnD Central / Re: The Worldwide Politics Thread

You know what really grinds my gears? The politics of the state of Mississippi.
We have a Senator for D.C. that has been in office since 1978, and is contemplating retirement, but has not indicated he will retire yet.

The guy running against him? A Teabagger that is masterful in the art of speech, giving great speeches at length, with no substance in them whatsoever. It would rustle his jimmies to read this, but he's like Obama in that regard.
You don't have politics in Mississippi, you have religion in another form.  ;D
DnD Central / Re: The Problem with Atheism

Then, some atheist doesn't argue what is believed, rather the validity of the arguments.

Yes... the validity of the arguments, indeed...
How much does your God weights? One kilogram? two kilograms? a tonne? can't be weighted? he doesn't exist.
The cumulus of "valid" thinking.

Things that don't exist are weightless, but

Does that help?