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Otter Browser Forum / Weekly 400
Thanks for the new build, and it's now reporting the right version so no more spurious update nags!
All working fine, keep up the good work.
Thanks, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / Selected Download Folder Not Writable?
In addition to the Otter version problem I now have (see the "Otter and Windows XP" thread) I've now found that when I try to download an update to my XP "Documents and Settings" folder, which is mapped to "E:\Dump Folder" on my archive drive, I get a message saying that "the folder is not writable, choose another". If I hit cancel Otter immediately crashes.
There is nothing wrong with the folder I'm trying to save the download to, I write to it all the time with loads of programs!
I can save to a subfolder within that folder, but not to the folder itself.
Any idea why this might be happening?
Thanks, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / OnlyFans Site No Longer Working
Was fine until a few days ago, now won't load properly, just shows the pulsing logo permanently and never goes to the login page.
Anyone any idea why?
Using Weekly #333 on XP.

Otter Browser Forum / Can't sign into Google any more?
I just updated to weekly #333, and testing YouTube I now cannot use it.
I get a message to sign into Google, but when I try to do it I get a message saying -
"The browser that you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off.
To keep your Google Account secure, try signing in on a browser that has JavaScript turned on."
I've checked the Otter settings, and javascript is turned on!
Anyone any ideas?
Thanks, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / Downloads tab not opening automatically?
I've noticed in recent weeklies that the Downloads tab no longer seems to open automatically when a download is started.
Was that behaviour changed? I thought that was rather useful.
I can't find any setting to change the behaviour, which there was in Opera 12 IIRC.
Cheers, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / Spell Checker
Can anyone tell me how the spellcheck on Otter is supposed to work?
I'm using the latest weeklies.
I gather that you're supposed to use hunspell compatible didtionaries, but I have none installed at the moment.
Right clicking on a text input box shows nothing under the "Dictionaries" entry on the popup menu.
I've tried finding dictionaries, and putting them into a "dictionaries" folder within my Otter profile folder, but still nothing.
There seem to be several formats of hunspell dictionaries available though, which type does the implementation in Otter need?
Thanks, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / Spurious Windows sound plays when using the mouse navigation buttons
Something I've been meaning to ask about for ages.
When using Otter, every time I press the "Back" or "Forward" buttons on my mouse, Windows plays the "Exclamation" sound.
This does not happen with any other browser.
It doesn't happen if I use the UI buttons. The mouse buttons do what they should do, but why should they play a sound?
Any idea why that would be happening, as it is a bit annoying?!
I can't see any relevant settings.
I'm using the latest weekly #208, but the issue has always been there with Otter for as long as I can remember.
Thanks, Dave.
Otter Browser Forum / Transfers Window
Can I just say thank you for finally fixing the display of the Transfers Window.
Finally you can re-size the columns properly, and it's remembered!
Otter Browser Forum / Start Page Tiles
Just updated from weekly 191 to 193 (I missed out 192!) and I've noticed that the start page tiles seems to have changed.
The labels now seem to crop the bottom of the thumbnail off.
Has that changed or am I imagining things?
Otter Browser Forum / Update Check No Longer Working
The automatic update checking does not seem to be working any more for me.
I have it set to check for updates every day on the weeklies' stream, and it always used to work fine.
Now nothing happens when I run Otter even if there is an update available, and if I manually check for updates under the "Help" menu, it just says "checking for updates" permanently and never goes any further.
If I look at the website, there is an update available.
Windows XP SP3.
Otter Browser Forum / Otter startup still not right!
 The startup of Otter is still not right unless "continue previous session" is selected.
It used to always start with a really small window otherwise, now it seems to start maximised instead!
I can't believe this hasn't been fixed after all this time!
Otter Browser Forum / Otter and Windows XP
Hi, been lurking for a while, and finally joined to ask this as I couldn't find an obvious answer anywhere.
Why is there a separate download now for Otter updates for Windows XP?

I'm running 32 bit XP SP3 and I'm still using the normal exe update files and everything seems to be fine.
What is the difference with the specifically XP zip option?

When I check for updates now a mesage pops up saying that downloads may not be available for my platform, which never used to happen, and I now have to go to the delails page and manually select the download I want, when it used to just happen. I guess this is because I'm on XP, but why?

I really like the look of Otter BTW, although it still needs some functional additions before I would consider using it all the time, such as synchronisation, spell checking, and password storage. It is much nearer in look and feel to my beloved Opera 12 than Vivaldi is though.

Keep up the good work, and Happy Christmas and New Year to you all!
Cheers, Dave.