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DnD Central / Now America conjures up over Russia without proof
Now the President has came out with that stuff about Russia creating things undermining America and that Russia also interfered with the Presidential Election. May I remind that America never came out with a factual on that after "enquiring." Kind of two-faced when you consider how America interferes where it likes.
DnD Central / MJuch of modern news here in the UK a waste of dashed time
Do not frankly see why we need constant news especially on the BBC and Sky. On an afternoon over an hour of the news they went on and on about the virus for thirty minutes - half the time! Constant having an expert of some sort all the time every day and hour. we are hit with constant news and has become a damnable farce repeating and braining us. Personally I do not see the need for 24 hour news and going over and over the same stuff.
DnD Central / Nonsense from the West over Ukraine
Now i note that the USA is moving troops to base in Germany and obviously using the situation in east Ukraine as a daft excuse. NATO (which should have shut down years ago) and the usual interfering of America nipping at the Russian Federation. NATO has been making noises even though Ukraine not in that lot.

When Crimea had a referendum about being independent of Ukraine we got rubbish from the West over that even though perfectly well run and the vast majority who were Russian voted out. In the east of Ukraine the two provinces are not happy in that country and the majority Russians so wanted out and I would remind that during WW2 much of Ukraine was Nazi and had troops on the Nazi side and there were Russian Ukrainians who suffered. When somewhere wants independence and supported by the US and it's servants the NATO lot that is "okay" and if not they are tough on you. Russia is no doubt supportive of the two provinces and just as okay to be such like the West and especially American control get away with things.
DnD Central / Trouble in Ulster not unexpected
Have never cared much for people throwing fire bombs, wrecking etc and the last few days over there although not pleasing there was a basic frustration by many loyalists. The Sinn Fein lot  a historical violent lot had 2,000 people all turned out in white shirts and black ties and a massive crowd watching them marching behind a dead IRA man's hearse. That was utterly disgusting and was illegal as such things like funerals and weddings were strictly curtailed due to the virus. The Leader of the Shinners was there and she is the deputy First Minister for goodness sake!It just gave an okay for that lot and is totally disgusting and should have been stopped. Recently as small group of secretive loyalists went out on a short march with a band but broke up in short time. Police tried to find out who that daft handful were but 2,000 terrorist supporters on a big march is fine and law mean nothing. Disgusting.
DnD Central / Georgev Floyd brother made me shake my head
Let me say initially that I watched his brother talking closely to an interview camera the other day.

Now can I say that I not leading into some silly stance and not agreeing that George Floyd was not wrongly dealt with. Violent attacks and shooting by US police is a very traditional and long happening matter. George Floyd was not properly dealt with by that ex-officer now on trial and I most definitely think the man when an officer was head shakingly bad kneeling on Floyd he rabbited on about how first class, dependable and outstanding George was. Police conduct certainly a headache but why did that silly relation go on about how brilliant and normal George was? He had a police record for assault,. theft, being a druggy, spent time in jail. Dear oh dear. Police not innocent however that false description equally ridiculous.
DnD Central / A new questionable separation political party in Scotland (a farce!)
Alex Salmond a former First Minister of Scotland who won his recent court case costing the Scottish Govt hundreds of thousands on losing has formed a second Scots independence party. He says it is not a party to be against the SNP which he left but to help the campaign for independence Eh/ How head shaking is that weird attitude corner and get support for independence from the Green Party. It is dashed obvious the rift Salmond has with his former party and his accusations against that corner. I am a staunch Unionist  and this nonsense is his negative corner to his former party. Frankly his new lot will probably get nowhere but must be getting fed up doing little and although I have no support for the SNP they do NOT need him acting in a huff. He is being subtle as nothing.
DnD Central / Another groaning lock down in Scotland
As I have said here I routinely had stopped watching the Scottish First Minister but when I realised an entrancement to be made on Tuesday decided frustratingly to listen to her stuff to the Scottish Parliament. So once again a damn shutdown until the 11th December except of course supermarkets. Traditionally I am not a fan of Scottish Labour but I do say that his answer to Sturgeon was a positive one.  I have places I pop into for  tea/coffee and occasionally chat to few others and find they are as annoyed as me and in addition the Scottish tv news interviewed folk in the street and some small shopkeepers (going to be struggling again). The thing I especially noticed was that when the BBC on Glasgow streets the impression I got was that working class people were not very keen on this new closing.

It is for many a negative importance being stuck at home with essentially nowhere to go but the supermarket. For me I will miss the enjoyable times going for a walk then popping into a popular shop or a cafe to sit, relax, read my paper and have a snack or whatever. This thing will of course lose more jobs and business places and as I have illustrated it is medication that will help reduce things not this damnable shutting everything down then acting like a dictator.
DnD Central / Credit union waste of time no income!
For years I have been a member of the Glasgow Credit Union as had been a City Council employee. was not so interested in the benefits of loans (people who take a loan pay no extra and it comes out their monthly paying in). For a while it was a great 5% annual sum you got back and in due course started to decline but even routine bank situations had been worse! So last year i increased my annual monthly payment but now found out we are getting damn all back this December!
DnD Central / Alex Salmond situation being well controlled!
The Scottish parliament appropriate committee is being stopped from getting access to information over the recent mishandling of a case against the former First Minister Salmond. We taxpayers lost hundreds of thousands in the court matter and he was declared innocent of accusations. Since then the government has blocked internal government actions and the Deputy First Minister continuing to be control freak.  :down:
DnD Central / Smacking a child to be dropped now
Scotland is to be the first of the UK nations to ban this activity. All part of the drift in modern times of would-be liberalism. I have never thought it a big issue and recall when the strap banned in schools how the suspensions rose, etc.In my city education department where I was remember parents who were not happy when that happened.
DnD Central / Islamist head shaking stuff
Watched the leader of Turkey being aggressive and the Prime Minister of Pakistan and leaders from Lebanon. Iran and others getting angry and aggressive.  They are doing that in condemnation of France and it's President. But he never came out with destroying Muslim religious stuff but the Islamist militarism that DOES exist. France has had a terrible time of it. They ignore the French stance on Islam extremist violence and murdering. At no time did France say it would want to get rid of Muslims. There is an international attitude from Islam countries which is ignorant and ignore the hard fact that the vast majority of terror issues are from their religion. They come into democracies an cause hell.
DnD Central / Government here in Scotland going to cost me over £250
I got a circular sent from the Scottish Government tellig me wil be ordered to have a wide new power saftey situation installed. Dare say people in Council housing will just be dished it out but folk like me who own the house goig to be stuck with t. Mind you as a retired single person feel especially annoyed even though can basically afford it. Gggrrh.
DnD Central / Is the American NCC Channel bias??
Sometimes here in the UK I will occasionally go through the Freeview channel list we have and there is something that I am seriously pondering on regarding the CNN company. Repeatedly having Democrat Party Congressmen on and interviews leaning against the other lot the Republicans. Does not look very democratic for a news channel??
DnD Central / Time Channel was dealt with
I have noted that over 7,000 have sailed across the English Channel to get into Britain here. Twice I have watched a woman from 2 different supporting groups who are our citizens grumping on tv news that these immigrants should just be allowed here.. Makes a mockery of the regular system where someone can apply to get to stay here and a nonsense being allowed with only limited assistance from the French. This is a limited size island and the population getting far too big. Time this boat crossing was damn well stopped. Bad enough we have round 66 million and projected to get to 70 million and keep going up. Bet those open coast idiots are mainly cumfy people in nice areas but would not be too keen on their area quality reduced.
DnD Central / Scottish Government decision is head shaking
Six Calmac ferries to be improved yet the scottish Government sending them south rather than get done up here.

Interesting opinion....
Chris McEleny, former leader of the Inverclyde Council SNP group said the the Garvel dry dock currently employs over 50 staff.

He said: "Millions of pounds to maintain Scottish Government owned CalMac Ferries could be getting spent in Inverclyde supporting jobs here but instead the contracts are going to Merseyside. This is bad for jobs on the Clyde and dreadful for the environment.
DnD Central / The Pope is now breaking tradition and supporting queerdom!
What a really surprising bit of news from the present Pope jumping away from centuries and all for that corner now. Even more surprising considering when he was an archbishop in South America he was the opposite. Now he is all for such according to the news and just gives me another negative on the man!
DnD Central / Utterly ridiculous list of military ranks in the USA Army!
E-1 Army Private Private PVT Enlisted Soldier
E-2 Army Private Second Class Private Second Class PV2 Enlisted Soldier
E-3 Army Private First Class Private First Class PFC Enlisted Soldier
E-4 Army Specialist Specialist SPC Enlisted Soldier
E-4 Army Corporal Corporal CPL Noncommissioned Officer
E-5 Army Sergeant Sergeant SGT Noncommissioned Officer
E-6 Army Staff Sergeant Staff Sergeant SSG Noncommissioned Officer
E-7 Army Sergeant First Class Sergeant First Class SFC Noncommissioned Officer
E-8 Army Master Sergeant Master Sergeant MSG Noncommissioned Officer
E-8 Army First Sergeant First Sergeant 1SG Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Sergeant Major Sergeant Major SGM Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Command Sergeant Major Command Sergeant Major CSM Noncommissioned Officer
E-9 Army Sergeant Major of the Army Sergeant Major of the Army SMA Noncommissioned Officer (Special) [more]
W-1 Army Warrant Officer 1 Warrant Officer 1 WO1 Warrant Officer
W-2 Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Chief Warrant Officer 2 CW2 Warrant Officer
W-3 Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 Chief Warrant Officer 3 CW3 Warrant Officer
W-4 Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Chief Warrant Officer 4 CW4 Warrant Officer
W-5 Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Chief Warrant Officer 5 CW5 Warrant Officer
O-1 Army Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant 2LT Commissioned Officer
O-2 Army First Lieutenant First Lieutenant 1LT Commissioned Officer
O-3 Army Captain Captain CPT Commissioned Officer
O-4 Army Major Major MAJ Field Officer [more]
O-5 Army Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel LTC Field Officer
O-6 Army Colonel Colonel COL Field Officer
O-7 Army Brigadier General Brigadier General BG General Officer
O-8 Army Major General Major General MG General Officer
O-9 Army Lieutenant General Lieutenant General LTG General Officer
O-10 Army General General GEN General Officer
O-10 Army General of the Army General of the Army GA General Officer
DnD Central / An overdue Scots rail return due!
The Scottish Borders route was partly brought back several years ago and after some initial problems has become a very successful return from the 1960's. Having got just over 30 miles returned from Edinburgh it is the longest such line returned. However there are still folk in the Borders and elsewhere want the rest of line track also brought back from just beyond Galashiels right across the Borders to the border and to the Carlisle main line.
DnD Central / Idea of Bridge or tunnel from Scotland to Ulster
The GB government is musing on the idea of such from Portpatrick across the Irish Set to Larne. Does not mean it will automatically happen but generally looked at on national transport matters.An awful long time ago trains went beyond Stranraer to Portpatrick but eventually line closed and replaced for a long time by the town of Stranraer.

For a long time when trains went into the town getting on the ferry to N.I. was only yards from the station and very convenient. However that has ceased and if say on a train from Glasgow you now have to get a bus several miles up the coast to board a ship! Back in the time of the 2nd World War there was actually a single line up to there for military purposes but lifted after the war and maybe that should have been brought back?
DnD Central / Cyclists have become a dashed irritating nuisance
During all this virus stuff we are getting stuck with encouraging going on runs or going cycling during the starting locked down months became a big promotion. However cyclists have become a damnably nuisance where they should not be and that is on pavements. They zoom about on regular pavements everywhere in my city and in the city centre just as bad including main streets that are pedestrian only. On a couple of occasions when I have been frustrated and passingly complained got sworn at. Added bother is even elsewhere in quiet neighbourhoods with quiet roads they don't bother with roads and bump up onto the pavement.

Utterly ridiculous and I am talking about "mature" people not just kinds.
DnD Central / Scottish fuehrer a groan!
Have stated don't listen to Sturgeon when on television but today it was announced her newest control re the virus.

Now on Tuesday she stated that as from Wednesday (!) people not allowed to visit family elsewhere. That was very annoying at short notice as had planned two trains to visit my niece and children. So now after shaking my head at such tight notice I will instead travel up by train and on Saturday arrange them all to be with their uncle - mother and children in a nice village restaurant.  :up:
DnD Central / President election - candidate sticking nose in British things
I see with some very great annoyance that Biden is sticking his nose into British politics and matters on Ireland north and south. His main thrust on our departure from the EU and what is happening regarding across the Irish Sea and especially Ulster he is interfering in. Indeed he is threatening that if he wins as President he will stop the projected idea of business matters betwixt the UK and the USA.  Now America has a long history of interfering in places but that this is being created between us is disgusting, arrogant and ridiculous.

Mind you if we are being honest there is a side issue here that some will not click on and that is America has a large part of the population who are from the Irish tradition and he is trying to use that in his arrogance. There will be those who might act surprised at my statement but the tradition is a fact of life and doesn't take much to fathom that nonsense out.
DnD Central / Time the BBC went into history
Many decades ago one could understandable. In due time widening into commercial channels all those years ago was part of widening thins in Gt Britain. Today it is a massively expensive running things widening into so much more and all paid by the damn taxpayers! So taxpayers pay for that big too expensive system in modern times. Although we have ITV news and Sky News there is some talking going on about why not a brand new news channel!

The propaganda we get is the small amount paid monthly by every taxpayer but I don't think these days we should have to all pay for a State radio and tv thing which is ridiculous. On Monday the regular newsman on the BBC News channel was reporting on that Russian man who was poisoned and he was leaning outwith what he should have been and when his reporter said the man was going back to Russia he said he wouldn't be doing that! Mention was also made of the attacked man as if he was a massive politician in Russia which is not true and never make President at all.

I will also make a passing comment again of what I once commented on over the subject of pensioners over 75 having their BBC stopped then it brought back this year! The organisation is a massive thing that should no longer be a State thing and reduced in size at least or preferably note created in a different society and overdue for going.